Vlog: welcome the serpent of 2012; farewell 2011’s rapid rabbit

Following is the Siamerican’s latest video log (vlog) to welcome the new year of 2012, the year of the Dragon, or serpent snake. In this vlog he talks about about reviews the year 2011 — the year of the rabbit and all the happenings in his life in Thailand and USA. ¬†After graduating university in December 2010, the Siamerican planned and embarked on his trip back to the US where he spent nearly three months, surveying his future and revisiting his path. He eventually returned to Thailand and landed a job with a local newspaper. After ten years not driving, he finally got his drivers license and took out a car loan for a Nissan NV car. Now he continues to be a full time journalist and save money for the future: For more details, click play on the vlog below:


Vlog: welcome the serpent of 2012; farewell 2011’s rapid rabbit — 2 Comments

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