Two Matches, Three Goals, Two Wins: KIS Phuket in Headstart, UWC Friendlies

On Sunday, January 28, 2018, at Headstart International School Phuket’s shaded football turf, KIS Under 13 Boys team won both of its two friendly matches, against its counterparts from United World College Thailand (2-0) and Headstart International School (1-0). Scoring all three goals for the KIS Hawks U13 squad was 11-year-old Naret Django Layne. Headstart won its match against UWC, 2-0. Following are some highlights from the matches. Disclaimer, these photos are private. All photos are copyright of the photographer, Steven W. Layne. Fair use without permission is permitted to any athlete portrayed in photo, or his/her parent(s) / legal guardian(s). Commercial use by any other third party is not permitted without written permission from the copyright owner. ¬© 2018.¬† (Most photos from U13 matches, a few snaps from U11)

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