trying to type with two hands again

This is simply a practice typing exercise implementing my left hand which has, for the most part, been inactive for the last six months plus. At this particular computer desk, I am able to rest the bottom of my palm on a block which is higher than the keyboard on the sliding tray, allowing me to push most of the left hand keys, albeit with varied difficulty. Of course this office chair’s arm rest is making it possible considering I still have zero motor power in my upper arm and elbow to support the weight and mobility of my forearm and hand. However, I am aware that nerve regeneration has reach much of my upper arm—the task my body has for the next year(s) is to keep my atrophied muscles alive for as long as possible until the new nerve growth can reintegrate –reinervate what muscle mass has been salvaged via passive exercises and regular massage and stretching . Well, that is too say, this has been a challenging and painful ordeal to get this far. As for the path remaining, it is certainly not going to be easy, nor guaranteed a hundred percent recovery, however, progress is still progress.


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  1. you did a great job typing this post out..

    yes it may be a slow ans painful process of uncertain recovery, you must press on and believe

    wishing you the best!


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