Time travel dreaming: Vivid and Lucid dreams of future visitors

Perhaps it was the large sized pizza of yesterday afternoon and bacon cheeseburger of last night that prompted this early morning’s lucid dreams. Earlier in the day, Terminator 2: Judgement day was on Star movies as well–undoubtedly having its own contributions to the Siamerican’s subconcious mind in the reflecting, digesting hours of sleep.

It was one of those dreams that certain talented individuals could turn into a novel, book, and even a movie with the right manipulation of plot and script. Enough wind up?

Crowds of people, including the Siamerican were socializing in a modern building–strangely similar to Bangkok University’s city campus, building number nine, only in an even more urban setting, right across the street from a large Bangkok park such as Lumpini or Jatujak.

There were loads of girls and a few guys socializing and dancing about the coridor and elevators. Some of these girls stuck out–highly fashionable and cosmopolitan in outfit. Something within their eyes suggested that these girls weren’t locals.

Strangely somehow, it was established that these girls were from a future time, as they had somehow jumped back to our time. Their purpose or reasoning was left unclear by the subconscious master painter, and even though the reality had been subtly exposed via gossip and rumors among the crowd, the most beautiful of the sirens–their leader–strained from volunteering any specific information when the the dream’s protagonist confronted her.

Yet, she had no idea what the cold sore on his lip was, pointing out that he had some kind of food substance  stuck on his gum. Is it possible that in their time, mouth sores had already been eradicated?

As a protagonist, who wants to be passive and let these sirens control the flow? It was time to find out not so much why these girls were here, but how they got here? And once their channel and technology had been acquired, then it would be time to explore the waves of time…

Wake up time!!!

Well, not quite novel material…yet, but certainly a start, if not just a quick blog reading.

…stay tuned…


Time travel dreaming: Vivid and Lucid dreams of future visitors — 3 Comments

  1. Latest dreams over the last weak have all been pretty weird. A few days ago, I dreamed I was in Colorado with some Thailand friends of the present and past and we were trying to decide a special trip. I suggested the Four courners–the cliff dwellings of the ancient pueblo peoples (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go but have never gone) but the rest of the group didn’t want to go. Then I woke up. Last night was some wicked dream where I was with a Polish friend that I know in Thailand and we went to some weird house that was awkwardly unoccupied. I stayed outside and found some weed in some car. My friend went into the house and did something. Later it was established that he had committed a murder inside, and once I knew about it later at another location, I was worrying because my (our) fingerprints were left behind. So I came up with the plan to go back to the house before cops showed up and clean our tracks. We ended up collecting a corpse of a white German man with a large private part. Even though he was all chopped up, he was showing signs of life. We bagged him and somewhere after that, I woke up. Must of been all the beer I had last night!

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