The end of twenty-five: dark times promising bright prospects

Hoorah! this long awaited post marks the last Friday and full day of the SW’s 25th year. Tomorrow, he…I will officially be one year older. Some of you might be baffled of why an adult is happy to be aging one more year. Y’all can read the reasoning a year back explaining the Thai superstitions about the 25th year. And boy, did they prove to be consistent—it has been a spiraling most precedent of a year to say the least. Before I start celebrating completion a day early and jinx myself, just want to give a quick personal update.

Been teaching Monday through Friday, up every day by 5 to 5.30, typically out the door by 6:30 AM. Was able to convert my commutes to public transport – bus and skytrain—80% of the time, the remaining percentage in taxis when running late, of which many a time has been carpooling with other strangers met at my morning bus stop when the busses were just too full or too late. (inspiration leading to future fictional settings)

Teaching Math and English at aprivate catholic school south central Bkk has worked out into its routine just comfortable these past few months, and come next few weeks. I’ll have to secure my spots in yet another term at university, registering and paying for four courses (remaining a total of thirteen before degree completion planned to be executed within 2010)

As far as this excrutiating yet enlightening arm injury, no motion power for  elbow flexion has yet returned, marking a full six months since the accident, and yet still no confirmed surgery date call from the conventional doctor. However, I’m content for the moment.

I feel the new nerves slowly regenerating and stretching down my arm, through my flail biceps, triceps and on toward my elbow. every day. Supplemented by Vitamin B and Fish oil pills (for its Omega 3), I’m fortunate to be aware that my body hasn’t given up, assuring some time to go before plateauing.

For several weeks, I’ve been seeing a Chinese acupressure specialist weekly, who seems to know what she’s doing on each painful albeit beneficial visit. It’s too early to speak whether or not I’m making the right decision not to rush/pressure getting to the risky operation table, though my mind and body are content for the time.

My dreams have constantly pointed the possible future paths for my recovery, and as the Chinese acupressure doctor indepently concurs with my dreams, nerve transfer surgery may not be necessary for me; Not once has my subconscious mind suggested that I am crippled permanantly–infact only the opposite. I have played both the guitar and piano in my dreams, and in the proceding reality have made actual progress to do so.

Even though most conventional sources for my type/severity of injury (stretched and avulsed nerve rootlets) say otherwise about surgery asap being the only hope, I will listen to my heart about this. In the end, the decision will be mine and I’m deciding not to rush to pressure the surgeon and will cross the road when/if I get the hospital call back in the next month plus.

In the meantime, I’ve stopped wearing the arm sling following the suggestions of the Chinese doc with the logic that it’s halting natural blood flow-recovery and straightening of certain arm channels. Even if my deltoids will sag for the time, I’m happy to be able to walk around and look somewhat normal without my arm in that darn thing all day. Besides, having it free and hanging keeps me constantly reminded to stretch and move it as much as possible.

On other notes, my dreams have been weirded. Was travelling around with some random Dutch girls ending up at some open air Pizza frying joint the othere night, and had a conversation with U2’s Slash and Deftone’s Chino early this morning causing me to be late to work in my dream. Though I left early this morning, the unreliable, inconsistent tranpsport system of Bkk had me actually late in reality–go figure.

Oh, and yesterday evening, went to the cinema alone–something I hadn’t done in ages. Was a warm flick, Dear Galileo which I wrote about here.

Stay tuned…


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