Thailand Scenic Route Pictures: Highway Four through Phanga Province

Following are several images caputured of the stunning scenery along highway 4 in Phanga province, between Phanga city and Tup-boot district:


Thailand Scenic Route Pictures: Highway Four through Phanga Province — 7 Comments

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  2. For anyone who has only ever visited Pattaya or Bangkok, you are missing out on so much of what Thailand has to offer.

    Thailand is roughly the same size as France, with cities throughout.

    Renting a car is inexpensive, and you will really enjoy a drive around Thailand, The roads are much better than you would imagine.

    Make sure to keep a stash of 100 Baht bills with you, for when you get stopped for speeding, guilty or not

  3. hi steven,
    it is soooo good to hear from you! I don’t use any other blog but my space. But you can always drop me an email to keep in touch too (my email is I went to both Ireland and London this summer in August. I just got back from visiting NYC and Philidelpha too. Yeah check out my band too! Our myspace is Go tell us how awesome we are! hahah! Keep in touch, my family misses you much and we love hearing from you. oxoxo

  4. There is an old saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. Of course the Roman empire is no more than a magical memory.

    Roads today lead you everywhere, you could drive from Thailand all the way to Europe, China, Russia or India.

    Most long roads travelled today are via the Air and for anyone who has visited Thailand in their hearts they know all roads lead back to Thailand.

    Thai wifes living in countrys like the UK, long to return to the warmth on the air and the smiles on the people.

  5. hello,

    just been enjoying your blog. I’m thinking about renting a bike/moped when I visit.
    I’m from the UK and am obviously not used to the busy Thai roads and don’t have much experience riding bikes anyway.
    Can you recommend a couple of nice easy routes with less traffic for me to explore. This highway 4 looks nice. Where would you begin and where would you stay for example.



  6. Ironically, I’ve been in the hospital recovering from my first and perhaps last moped accident, of which I’ve lost the use of my left arm.

    Ran into a tree late and weary near my apartment 9 days back.

    Well, hwy 4 is great and safe at certain parts, but sometimes the most dangerous places are where you least expect it. I’m no one to suggest ‘safety’ considering what I just encountered (despite all the fury of thai roads, I turned out to be my greatest danger)

    there’s plenty places to stay–if u haven’t been to thailand before, bring a lonely planet for starters–they’re gold mines for planned accomm..

    Had I not lost my left arm, I’d almost want to join you… Never take the basic things for granted, especially motors, roads and limbs. good luck in preparing to be prepared… make sure you get some reliable life and travel insurance. I’ll update my blog in due time. Keep me updated.

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