Thai Nightmare Sleeping Horror: The midnight widow ghost

In this sleepless night of web surfing, the Siamerican came across an interesting article about a Thai worker in Taiwan who died in his sleep screaming. The article resonated particularly peculiar as the Siamerican has been told by friends and family throughout his life of his own strange sleeping behavior.

As a kid, the Siamerican was told by his sisters on a few occasions that he had freaked them out by waking up screaming in his sleep in late hours, yet know or recall nothing about it in the morning. Many friends and family have observed the Siamerican sleep talking, and even minor cases of sleep walking. The last recollection of a major dreamland-reality clash for the Siamerican appeared to be a strange invader from a different dimension some six years ago. Here is an excerpt taken from the Siamerican (formerly known as the Green) Wanderer’s Thailand travel archives:

March 16, 2002: …It was approaching 4 a.m. I was lost deep in dream space when suddenly, something invaded my three-dimensional proxemics. Abruptly, I awoke yelling from my primal gut, kicking and swinging with all my chi, fending off whatever it was. At this first attempt, I was semi successful. For a moment I felt nothing. Then a second invasion occurred. Again, I screamed and fought. I managed to make it to the light switch. I saw nothing-heard nothing. No animal odors, no trace. In fact, all windows and possible entrances/exits for something of its size (presence) were shut (at least in a three dimensional realm). Soon, my cousin came knocking to check on me. I opened the door and explained my recollections of the previous moments. He took a brief yet failing inspection and guided me to his room. I finished the night (morning) there…

Minor dimensional anomalies have happened since. During 2004 Tsunami corpse volunteering, the Siamerican recalled being paralyzed stuck in between dream and reality for a brief stint one late night. Just late last night, his friend Te, who has been sleeping over the past few days for some database training, recalled the Siamerican suddenly sitting up, saying something, turning around, and then lying back down in deep sleep. This wasn’t the first friend who told him of such peculiar subconscious behavior over the years. In Thai language, such behavior in general is referred to as ‘La-mer’ ละเมอ, which is apparently quite common in Thailand.

In the article linked to above, we learn that Thai folklore has long acknowledged the Scientific phenomena which is a leading cause of death in men in Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan known as Nightmare Death Syndrome.

It is said that a widdow, perhaps of a past life and love, seeks to snatch my sole into her eternal world. This would explain my tendency to defend in rage–sudden reflections of jolting up and screaming. Or perhaps the Spaniard, Dr. Pedro Brugada’s explanation of

an irregular heart beat that causes the chambers of the heart to pump out of sequence, halting blood circulation.

is more acceptable to rest of the logical world. While the Siamerican is as unsure of the exact causes to this phenomena, he will be dammed if he succumbs to a nightmare in any decade soon. Whether his predator is irregular Science, or the mysterious quantum dimensions, the Siamerican has too much fight in him to ensure a successful, productive, and constructive future for he and his kin.


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  1. I’ve appeared in 2 films about the widow ghost (ผีแม่มายกับผู้ชายปากแดง – Phi Mae Mai And The Red-Lip Man, parts 1 and 2). While it doesn’t make me an expert on the subject, it has made me interested in it.

    There was a case years ago where a population of Mon men, in their prime were dying suddenly in their sleep. They feared a widow ghost and began wearing dresses to fool her, possibly the inspiration for the films I was in. It was discovered by doctors that these men, who were from a small community, shared a genetic defect that caused Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

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