Thai Music Video Song Lyrics: Labanoon Missing You

The featured Thai song of this entry is called ‘Fawk kwam kid tueng’ ฝากความคิดถึง by the three man band from Southern Thailand, Labanoon. For those of you who don’t read or understand Thai language, you’re probably wondering who the Fawk is Kwam Kit Tueng? As often as common Thai names and words may connote potty meanings in English, actually the phrase and song title literally denotes to “give you (abstract noun of) missing.” The most equivalent meaning in English language would be to ‘Send my loving,’ or perhaps just ‘missing you (from afar)’

Released roughly a decade ago, this unplugged tune has a simple yet powerful arrangement, which general meaning is of missing that special someone—whether lover, friend or family member—despite being physically and /or chronologically distant, still maintaining and remembering the closeness-connection within one’s heart..

Primarily, the featured tune makes me think about my son, when most of the year I have had to be physically distant/apart from him. With that, I would also like to share and dedicate this song to everyone else who occupies space in my heart and memories; even though our particular paths aeren’t at a crossing now, only time will induct the inevitable recrossing.

Without further delay, thanks to the courtesy and convenience of Youtube, here is the streamed music video of the song complete with Thai Karaoke lyrics. I have translated the lyrics into English below.

Verse One

We haven’t met in a long while, it’s been years
I’ve been curious to how (good) you’ve been doing,
When my life gets so busy and tied up,
And so I don’t know when we’ll meet,


The good memories are still full in my heart
(those) Beautiful day(s) haven’t been lost
The phrase of love (you) is still remembered via my heart
No matter how long (it’s been/it will be)
It will be like that…


No matter how distant you are,
I’m still missing you every day,
I will send you my loving (missing) for now,
Don’t worry (be sensitive) just yet

Even though you are far from my eyes,
I know you’re close to my heart,
I will always have (this) love for you
And (someday)soon we will meet up

Verse Two

In our lives, no one can choose every thing
Each person has their own path to follow
When we can’t meet (be together)
I hope you’ll understand , wherever we are
I’m still loving (missing) you.


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