Thai Music Video Lyrics: Whom Your Heart Hugs by Neo X

The featured Thai song of this entry is called ‘Jai Ter Gort Krai?’ ใจเธอกอดใคร by the band, Neo-X. The 2004 pop rock hit title literally means ‘Who is your heart hugging?,’ conveying feeling and meaning suitably common in ‘rebound’ relationships.

Have you ever hugged-kissed your lover, and yet suspected she (he) was thinking about –missing their old lover all the while? When one is left suddenly heartbroken, the most potent and quickest remedy is to find a replacement.

While this is an effective norm to get over someone quick, it is not always efficient, at least not initially—strong remnants of the past are only gradually replaced by the new ‘substitute,’ often to the dismay of an innocent heart.

Following is the music video explaining conveniently and courteously provided via youtube, complete with Thai karaoke lyrics. Translated English lyrics (by the Siamerican) follow.

English translation by the Siamerican


( I ) know (in) your eyes are telling
Saying that you haven’t had a change of heart
Every moment, you’re trembling
When you meet (see/talk to)) your original one (lover)


In all that I done for you, so you’ll forget him (her)
All I’ve gotten in return is your body
(though) I’ve never gotten your heart.


When you hug me, who is your heart hugging
Love—When you’re with me, but who does your heart belong?
Don’t force it, love—If you love someone,
Take your body and go! Go find that person of yours


Even though I’ll pain if you leave me
My heart can handle it
It’s better than if I have you (While)
though your heart doesn’t have me at all


Stubbornly telling you love me,
It never really had (any) meaning
I’ve only ever been the owner of your body
Yet I never got your heart


Don’t force it, love—If you love someone,
I will concede for (follow) your heart
Go! Go get that person of yours.


Thai Music Video Lyrics: Whom Your Heart Hugs by Neo X — 4 Comments

  1. The Universal Envoy likes this song as he has been in a relationship similar to the one described by Neo-X. Neo-X did the right thing by dropping the girl off, as hard as it may have been.

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  3. LOL, I’ve to say the on the internet dating or electronic dating has come a very long way since the days of simple chat rooms. More and much more people are turning to on-line dating web sites to screen possible dates.

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