Thai American Underground Music and Lyrics: original compositions for stream-download

The Siamerican Wanderer has been meaning to make an official post linking to his very own original Thai American compositions that he has made over the past few years. The mp3 and lyrics for many of his songs have been available @ for some time, though he has never done much to mass-promote such works online, until now.

Keep in mind that the following songs-projects are original material composed and performed by the Siamerican Wanderer, AKA Jao Moragoat, and that the purpose of these works are for expression, entertainment, artistic and cultural identification and exploration.

In other words, the Siamerican has no ambitions to seal a record deal and become famous. He simply wants to share with the world his passion, talent, emotions, wisdom and wit, for the purpose of cultural exchange.

Following are song descriptions with links to the pages which contain mp3 streaming and/or download, complete with full lyrics of the original Thai American underground songs:

Broken (American Pride Remix) :This song was a remix of one of Jao Moragoat’s blues-rock songs, redone with an electronic, core rap feel, featuring George W. Bush speech material in between verses. This song is historical and political in the sense that it explores America’s current situation in the middle east, comparing it to American foundations and roots regarding the American revolution, freedom, democracy, and liberty, compared to now where we are on the opposite side of the table.

For You (Key of E-Thai verse;American rap/chorus): This is one of Jao Moragoat’s grand musical compositions. It was originally written from the stance of romantic love, and was later adapted to general love, more particularly parent-family love, dedicated to his son. The song was originally composed in the key of G, but this version is in the key of E and includes some rap in the refrain, with lots of harmony and a sympathy of sounds and groove pushing it through.

Luk kreung Warrior : This song is a bilingual Thai American hip hop composition from the perspective of a mixed blooded warrior–in the sense of fighting and struggling through hardships in life growing up and gaining invaluable wisdom and experience. The song’s music is mostly electronically composed, though does feature a flute-recorder riff for background.

High Above : The original version of this song was composed almost a decade ago in a rock, gothic type feel, but redone here a few years ago, with some raw bilingual Thai American philosophical hip hop verse. Notice the wicked background vocals. Though this cut is quite raw in production quality, it’s delivery and meaning is powerful–taking the third person perspective on the greater world and human existence.

Survive Remixed : Survive is a song that was inspired and composed right after the 2004 South Asian Tsunami, when the Siamerican volunteered in Phuket and Phanga provinces with corpse collection and identification. The song explores the concept of life, death, materialism, and carrying on in the strange yet meaningful cycle.

Broken Electronica Remixed : Here is yet another version of Broken. This also has some Thai American hip hop in the verse, though different meaning than the American pride version. This song also is about Thai American identity and the Siamerican’s cultural roots in Thailand. This version is got a funky electronic feel to it.

Indulge : Indulge was also one of the songs that was originally composed back in the high school days. This is the first clean version, with a hip hop verse. The theme of this song is indulgence and passion with the character of the witty Siamerican thrown into the lyrics. The hook-chorus is in Thai and English.

Indulge Laid Back cut : This is the same as Indulge, only this version is a laid back cut in that the tempo is slightly slower. The production of this came out a lot more clearer and clean than the other version, though many have commented that the faster tempo does the song more justice.

These are just a sample of highlights of what the Siamerican Wanderer has done musically over the years. In recent times, the Siamerican has had little time or motivation to create more works, but does have plans to solidify several more tracks in the near future. To listen and view the songs and above and several more songs, projects, pictures, videos, and literary, go to the Greenskale Studios gallery index.

The Siamerican hopes that all who have ventured here have enjoyed what they heard. Don’t hesitate to give comments and feedback, or relevant links/information below.


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  2. Does the Siamerican have the original mix of Survive lying around anywhere? The Universal Envoy really likes the percussion phrasing in that particular cut.

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