Thai American dual citizenship: two passports; two nationalities

In April of 2007, the Siamerican finally achieved his birth right of Thai American dual nationality and recieved his Thai house regestration and identification. After several months, he decided to seal the deal and apply for his Thai passport. After using only an American passport in Thailand for several years with many immigration and visa headaches, it was time to bring home what was his…

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Thai American dual citizenship: two passports; two nationalities — 9 Comments

  1. hello my fiancee just received her k-1 visa t0o the u.s. but she is about to have my baby what is the best way to get her and my baby to the u.s. a.s.a.p.

  2. Though, I replied to David directly via email, I’ll put a general reply for those in similar situations.

    An American child born in Thailand is not officially American until a Consular Report of Birth Abroad is filed with the American embassy, or respective consulate.

    Once the CRBA has been filed and passed, a child will be eligible for passport application, a requirement before international travelling e.g. from Thailand to USA.

    The passport application can be done simultaneously with the CBRA. One should go to the US embassy website and contact American Citizen Services for more information and/or to schedule the initial interview.

  3. I have a question. My wife is Thai born in Thailand. She has a Thai passport
    and an American passport from our marriage and her time in the USA. How can she
    best travel between the US and Thailand using both passports? Does she need
    visas? Thanks for your help. Tom

  4. Hi Siamerican!
    I’ve just stumbled across this website, pretty cool!
    I am Thai/American born in the states and i’ve just gotten my Thai citizen in 2009. my mom is thai.
    and i ‘ve been livin here in thailand for around 8 years on and off the visa shinanigen, but finally got my thai citizen. lucky me i didn’t have to join the military cause i was 25 when i got it!

    well thats me right there, I would love some feedback and freindly advise fore the future.

    i think i will come to this website every now and than.


    P.s. i have a lot of questions!

  5. I am a american citizen married to a Thai wife. My question is a little different. I want to know if I can also have Thai passport/Citizenship or something similiar to a green card as to work and live in Thailand.

  6. Hey,,my problem is my son have thai and US passport and we left thailand with American passport,,now Immigration say he need to apply for Thai visa and he lost Thai citizen,,please how can I solve the problem..we are making mistake that not ask the right question at BKK airport before we left thailand.

  7. @Khun Bee, your post isn’t clear, so all we can do is assume…but you need to be clear on how your son lost Thai citizenship… Which article of the Thai Nationality Act did you violate in other words? Did your son have dual citizenship from birth. I’m afraid you’ll need to be more clear if you want proper legal advice.

  8. I’m going to go back Thailand for 2 months. But I don’t know which passport I should use with this trip, I have both US AND Thai passport. Please help me leave the answer so I can start booking my flight soon.

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