Summer Shifting: Life Carries On

Alas, exams have been completed as of last week. Assuming nothing went wrong and all classes were passed, SW will be at 90 out of 129 credits for a bachelor’s degree in communication arts, remaining thirteen classes expected to be finished within 2010, knock on wood.

In the meantime, life never fails to twist, surprise, and present challenge; more immediate demands filling the plate, SW is scheduled for a Meylogram + CT Scan at Chula hospital on Tuesday, most likely requiring an overnight stay. This final dreaded brachial plexus injury diagnostic test will hopefully determine the exact extent of nerve legion at/near the cervical spinal roots, which the MRI and EMG failed to do with reasonable certainty. Expecting one, maybe more nerves to be ruptured and/or avulsed at C5, C6, C7, C8, this next test is not being looked forward to–needles, neck and spine just don;t sound thrilling.

… stipulating surgery intervention within the next two months—likely a nerve graft from the leg to shoulder/arm area, aiming to assist with restoring as much function as possible. Even so, the recovery continues in the long and challenging years ahead.

Bills certainly aren’t paying themselves, and as a surviving human being, contingency plans to counter life’s cruel and unexpected ‘smacks’ are certainly in store, though it is too early to announce anything concrete here just yet.
Stay tuned .