Stepping down as a teacher to become a student, transition crossroads and struggles

I have until October 31 to reinstate my student status if I am to continue University studies come January. The current teaching phase for the Siamerican Wanderer in Samut Songkhram is in its waning days. As of Tuesday, the schedule will be free from teaching, remaining only a few content writing projects on my plate over the next month. I have yet to be told if I will be required to teach anything in November, for which I signed the current contract until.

Flowing amidst yet another transition of adapting environments, the Wanderer finds himself at a cross roads with vital decisions to be made.

The question lingers: What will the wanderer do next?

The Micro Picture

Of course, getting back to my family in Phuket is top priority. However, to relocate fully–self and belongings — back to Phuket, will require some thoughtful logistics planning. The material belongings and tools that are exercising attachment and dependency include a laptop computer, digital camera, mobile phone, guitar, printer-scanner, lots of clothes, books, documents and of course the beloved motorbike.

One of the aspirations that’s been lingering over the last month would be to drive the motorbike down to Phuket. Just the thought of such a courageous, venturous, risky adventure gets the adrenaline pumping. Across vast Jungle Coastlands and tropical mountains, Phuket is some 800 kilometers away on Thailand’s Isthmus of Kra, in Thailand’s second sea, the mighty Andaman.

But before he can figure out if and how he’s going to commit everything at once in the small picture, he still has to figure out the big picture and make a commitment, plan, and confirm the necessary arrangements.

The Macro Picture

To return to University or Not?

If he is to reinstate his student status and register for January classes, it must be all or nothing for at least two years of hard core academics. If he commits to the first term and come out with a high GPA (the highest in the entire Communication Arts faculty that is), there is a chance to receive a tuition wavering scholarship from the University or at least will have bought time to look into some other Student Loan programs. When he left University, his GPA was steadily around 3.9. He’d really need straight As his term back if he is to have any chance at the ‘top’ scholarship.

Scholarship or no scholarship, he needs to gather tuition for at least the first term.

Registration, course, and other tuitions costs will require a sum of ATLEAST 34,000 baht or about 1000 USD$ (not including books), which sounds cheap compared to Western higher learning tuition costs, though, in his situation, is quite a burden considering that he still has to survive and support his family for three more months before the term begins–and without any guaranteed pay check or income for that matter.

Even with the money he has in the bank now, he is barely capable to commit half of tuition but he’s willing to eat nails once/if he fully commits to the higher learning route, for in the long run, it can and shall payoff 10 fold.

As far as the other half, he needs to wait on confirmation from a benefactor source which previously agreed to loan him half of his tuition costs over the next two years, on a term by term basis.

Assuming he can gather the tuition in time, that would have been only the first burden passed. The next will be figuring out how to make ends meet for living /eating/transport expenses (luckily, he’ll at least have the fuel efficient motorbike) when/if he’s a student again, he’d have to find various part time jobs teaching and perhaps writing-editing, but can for-see difficult times ahead if he plans to be a full time straight A student all the while.

However, if it turns out that his benefactor is not in a position to follow through on the loan, within the next month or two, than the horizon will be clearer. He’d have to go on with his unstable income existence, making ends meet, day by day, week by week, month by month, with no real security to offer himself, and his family.

…As the world turns…Stay tuned


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