1. Modular: movable, mobile, (and ultimately by) marine mooring means
  2. Space: supporting self-sustaining sufficiency systems (solar savvy at that)
  3. Autonomous: as in off-the-grid, ‘enoughness’ and ultimately enabling elemental aura alchemy
  4. Living: life lucent, illuminated with love, allowing laughter, yet enlightened from lamentj and loss
  5. Viridis: environment verified via a ‘vehicle’ (villa) for ‘verdant’ vistas



Phase I: structural

  • Steel frame, crane friendly
  • Polystyrene insulation initially,
  • lightweight (lime papercrete with bio material long term render


PHASE II: Water systems


Feature Detail  Budget Material Labor
Flush toiletauto fill / flush Input: Bowl fills from greywater supply,Bum gun, pressurized from freshwaterOutput: flush line to  blackwater tank/pit dug on site. B5,000
Black water Compost fed septic system/pitEither plastic version or concrete rings buried into ground at sitefilled with compost / other organic waste to assist in decomposition / breakdown B5,000
Grey water Tank:Custom built into spacestainless steal ideal but sturdy plastic affordable; load-bearing up to 300kgground level with structureCapacity 200-400 litresMaximum height = 50-60cm B7,500
Freshwater Tank:Plastic, 400-1000 litres,placed outside: elevated/on roof for gravity feed,diameter should less than 120cm to accommodate 2nd floor if on roof in future B7,500
Stand-up shower To be installed on top of greywater tank input: freshwater tankoutput: drain to greywater, emergencyoverflow to septic B7,500
Counter sink  Supplied by freshwater tank, drains to greywater tank B7,500
Grease trap Installed, between sink/shower and greywater tank B5,000
Electrical pressure system 12VDC pressure pump, pressure switch B2,500
Transport fuel ‘gas money B2,500
Total <B50,000




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