Pictures and Images of Bangkok – Phuket motorcycle adventure in March 2008

Following are a few pictures taken with a small nokia mobile phone’s one megapixel max camera– from the latest and greatest adventure of the Siamerican Wanderer including images for the entire Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok trip. Unfortunately his cell phone’s camera was acting up limiting the amount of pictures he could take and store, so a lot of good pictures were missed, and will just have to be stored in his memory. While pictures may speak thousands of wards, don’t forget to read the trip reports for the maximum affect.

Images from the Bangkok to Phuket leg:

paying respect to an ancient buddha in phetchburi

On arrival in Phetchburi, Wednesday night, the Siamerican payed respects to an ancient Buddhist shrine downtown.


Just south of Phetchburi, the Sun gradually came out and brought light over the misted and dewed rice paddies

Highway Four is smooth, straight, and wide from Phetchburi all the way down to Chumporn.

This is a border point overlooking the Thailand-Myanmar border line @ the Isthmus of Kra. The other side is Myanmar.


Images from the Phuket to Bangkok leg:

The siamerican’s bike all loaded up with his Alice pack, tarp, air pump, and helmet, ready for the road.

Here is approaching Phanga town on the smooth highway four of southern Phanga province.


Here is a quiet, peacful, and scenic secondary highway 4118 of Phanga and Suratthani provinces


Here is a scenic river crossing nearKiriratanikom district of Surathani




The shortcuts through Phanga and Surathani offer smooth and scenic drives like this.


Leaving Surathani, entering Chumporn, the sun makes it holy decent into the Western skies out yonder the Isthmus of Kra.


Leaving the truckstop-motel in the morning, the sun is peaking out of the Eastern horizon across the highway and yonder the Gulf of Thailand. Before sundown, the long trip will be done.