Pictures and Images of Bangkok – Phuket motorcycle adventure in March 2008

Following are a few pictures taken with a small nokia mobile phone’s one megapixel max camera– from the latest and greatest adventure of the Siamerican Wanderer including images for the entire Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok trip. Unfortunately his cell phone’s camera was acting up limiting the amount of pictures he could take and store, so a lot of good pictures were missed, and will just have to be stored in his memory. While pictures may speak thousands of wards, don’t forget to read the trip reports for the maximum affect.

Images from the Bangkok to Phuket leg:

paying respect to an ancient buddha in phetchburi

On arrival in Phetchburi, Wednesday night, the Siamerican payed respects to an ancient Buddhist shrine downtown.


Just south of Phetchburi, the Sun gradually came out and brought light over the misted and dewed rice paddies

Highway Four is smooth, straight, and wide from Phetchburi all the way down to Chumporn.

This is a border point overlooking the Thailand-Myanmar border line @ the Isthmus of Kra. The other side is Myanmar.


Images from the Phuket to Bangkok leg:

The siamerican’s bike all loaded up with his Alice pack, tarp, air pump, and helmet, ready for the road.

Here is approaching Phanga town on the smooth highway four of southern Phanga province.


Here is a quiet, peacful, and scenic secondary highway 4118 of Phanga and Suratthani provinces


Here is a scenic river crossing nearKiriratanikom district of Surathani




The shortcuts through Phanga and Surathani offer smooth and scenic drives like this.


Leaving Surathani, entering Chumporn, the sun makes it holy decent into the Western skies out yonder the Isthmus of Kra.


Leaving the truckstop-motel in the morning, the sun is peaking out of the Eastern horizon across the highway and yonder the Gulf of Thailand. Before sundown, the long trip will be done.





Pictures and Images of Bangkok – Phuket motorcycle adventure in March 2008 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your notes and pix. I’ve been planning to drive from Isaan to Bangkok and then down to Phuket and back over the course of October. After bumping into your site, I am definitely going for it. People tell me it’s too far to drive from Roi-Et to Bangkok! I can’t stand buses or tuk-tuks. I have a Chinese model 125 with 3,500 km on it. I’ll get it tuned up before leaving. Drop me a line anytime. Peace.

  2. Hey,
    I’m heading down to Phuket Monday. Leaving out of Bangkok. Just going for a few days. Lemme know what’s up with you.


  3. Your adventure AJO,its good to hear about,what a man can do,if it has wheels,it can go anywhere,an when people tell you its too far,an too dangerous,well my thought is that those people have no idea about,bikes and travel,and its only what they think,its negitive thought on behalf of those who dont desire to travel,In 2006 i come to the land of smiles,bought a bike an traveled 15,000 klms around Thailand.Talking to people an the way they think,they pud its dangerous,they think! i think its an adventure,an there is no danger in adventure.Its just apart of ones life,to travel,the distance is nothink,its the same as going to work , have to travel.when you have traversed the land of smiles,those memories are there forever an with a big smile,i now retired in thailand an own two bikes an a pickup,an i still find time to go to places no farang has ever been,an yes it opens peoples minds about travel,location,be it in the mountains,rivers or plains of thailand,you have wheels that can travel anywhere,at any given time.i like seeing an hearing about travels from motor bike riders,we all have one thing in common,its the wheels we ride,maybe your freedom as well..Aussie/lao

  4. cheers for the story”,)
    im headin to thailand for first time in december and like yerselves am a man who is appriciative of the joys of two wheels.
    i flyin into phuket and was thinkin of biking it to bangkok to meet some friends. and by the sound of it its the only way to go…
    cheers again and if ye have any extra info to hand out id appriciate it

  5. well, safe journeys to all who decide to take the two wheel journey. Currently, I’ve been off the bike for the last ten months after a motobike accident which I ripped several nerves paralyzing my left arm.

    For the record, my accident was late night in Bangkok on a ‘short’ journey and was 100 percent my own fault. Read more details about that and my recovery on this blog from January 21 up…

    I miss the bike, I do, especially doing these long hauls. Someday, I’ll hopefully get to ride again, but for the time being, am retired until further notice.

  6. Hi,

    Great strory! A really good read. I’ve travelled to Thailand many times and I’m returning for 2 weeks in December with my girlfriend. Her first time in Thailand but we both have bike experience. I’m thinking about hiring motorbikes from hua hin and riding to Surat Thani possibly stopping for a night on the way. Do you think this would make a nice trip? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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