Photo Update: Van and Land Progress

Don’t really got the mind space to do a full audio, video or written update, but I do have a bunch of photos from the past month. A lot is going on at work these days and I’m in the middle of big deadline before the Thai new year break 2nd week of April. Nonetheless, here’s a flash update since my last one:What’s new? got me the ol’ van sorted; new suspension, tyres, and did some repairs with some local help, security guards, Gop and Boy (gave them a little spending money to help me replace mile sensor gauge as the speedometer/odometer was broken, as well as replaced one of the real light bulbs); after installing the 150 watt solar power with a wooden framework to support the install (roof is not fully flat so needed the framework to keep ‘er sturdy), drove her down to Phuket, took my time for the drive a few days, giving me the chance to camp in her a few nights, first at my prospective land in Prachuap, then at Laem Son National Park in Ranong, where I met two Thai campers; got down to Phuket and worked for 10 days, in my free time, started working on the inside of the van with the boy, built a simple stowage shelf and installed some insulation on the roof;… In sum, there is some good progress but only so many hours in a day; will do a proper update in the near future when I get the mind space. For now, enjoy some pics.

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