Time marches on: March 2008, Spring Break Partying and other international Social Stimuli

With exams finishing off on Saturday, to open up the third month of the year, the Siamerican finds himself with a slight cold as he prepares to pack up and head on a south-bound bus later in the day. By plan, tomorrow morning should see the Siamerican arriving in Phuket town bus station, after an overnight trip through the Isthmus of Kra. Continue reading

Bangkok University Midterm Examinations: Exam cramming, cheating, and formalities

The first week of Bangkok University International College’s midterm exams is closing to an end. The Siamerican had two exams; On Tuesday afternoon, he completed the College Writing exam, followed by a Critical Reading test on Wednesday morning.

He is confident that he passed both with flying colors, but will have to wait a month plus for the results. Continue reading

Bangkok University Locker Room Padlock Injustice

After class, the Siamerican went to the Bangkok University city campus gym with plans to shoot around the basketball. Upon entering the locker room, he noticed a white note on his locker, as well as a dozen others which had locks. The note was all in Thai and read:






…which is a warning note from the Sports & Activity department of the univesity telling the person who locked their things inside the locker with a padlock to remove the padlock and take their things out, or else the department was going to remove it themselves… Continue reading

A lonely Valentine’s day: Bangkok bachelor moping around the apartment

While hundreds and thousands of lovebirds look forward to this day of love, across the Thai capital, nation, region, and globe at large, the Siamerican wakes up in his quiet and lonely apartment on the east side of Krungthep, yearning for some kind of action or sign.

Waking up 7.30ish, there’s some girls’ voices nearby, it might be a lucky day after all. Has cupid pierced his potent arrows in the hearts of some heaven-sent goddesses to relieve the Siamerican from his storybook desires??? Continue reading

Bangkok February drifting by into the year of the Rat: International Uni, water, laundry, and Filipinos

In Bangkok, time marches on–half a day ahead of North America. The last week was Chinese New Years celebrations, which was spent in Bangkok University classrooms and gym, as well as the Sukhumwit 62 pad, amidst Bangkok’s East central jungles.

Approaching is one final week of classes before midterms, which calls to be an important week to find out about the exam content, or more specifically, power point slides and book page numbers to be crammed in the hours approaching exam.

Yesterday, made the decision to buy a two level–active carbon and ceramic–water filter-purifier from Tesco Lotus for 990 baht. It was their cheapest one, but most worthy as it was the only one to include two free replacement filters at a circa 1000 baht value, despite there being a slight hold up and confusion at the register.

Water Filter-Purifier in Bangkok

The filter allows the Siamerican to confidentially drink tap water, and have cooking water supply as well. The outweighing factor leading up to purchase was the fact that intensive water runs down and up 5 stories of stairs would no longer be necessary. Continue reading

Statistics for Social Sciences: Bangkok University International College student travel attitude survey research

A big part of this Friday was spent writing, and conducting the report for Social Stats class, which a presentation along with the report is due Saturday morning. Well, it’s now almost midnight, and the Siamerican has completed everything. The report itself turned out to be 20 pages, which was mostly bar graphs and table charts. And of course, the presentation will be led by powerpoint, which is what occupied this evening–gathering graphic clips and all.

Now uploaded onto the web server, the powerpoint and files should all be around here somewhere: Continue reading

Siamericans’ Triumphs in Thailand: Family bonds–Roots, Present, and Future Thai Americans

At last, the legacy of Siamerican ancestors unfolds into the next wave of destined manifest; A branch of the Siamerican Wanderer’s Thai American’s beloved kin has finally ventured to the motherland for their first time–not to be the last and only according to the scriptures.

This trip had been in planning for years on end (if not decades in accordance with the dreams and wishful visions of his Thai American’s half sister who, like the Wanderer, grew up in the fatherland, USA–inspired by dreams and proud yet distant wonders and images of the motherland passed on from maternal genes, tradition, and experiences- via passionate anecdotes)

Seasoned and filtered with all that 6 intensive years in the motherland might culture, the Siamerican, along with his 20 month old son, Naret, executed phase one of the itinerary–to greet and welcome his sister, Mary, brother in law, Dave, 11 year old niece, Chase, 6 year old nephew, Don, and 2 year old, Nate at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on the eastern flank of Bangkok metropolis. Continue reading

Dreams, Goals, and Phases: Bangkok University degree ambitions and Vivid Dreams

It hasn’t been mentioned much lately in the cyber log– regarding the Siamerican Wanderer’s goals and ambitions to return to University, as he has thoughtfully and patiently been waiting for the waves of ‘distant visions’ to vibrate in sync with ‘current reality.’ And so now, the present of reality has seen the Wanderer gracefully clear one of the initial hurdles in his goal path: The Siamerican is officially registered for classes–tuition payed and new student identification card received for Communication Arts Department of Bangkok University, for the second semester of 2007 academic year, which commences January 2008.

All the Siamerican Wanderer’s previous 36 credits holding a 3.89 GPA will be applicable and have already been cleared for the bachelor of arts degree program which demands 129 credit hours. This go-round, the Wanderer has taken six core classes for 18 credits and the grand total for tuition and fees was a wopping 35,740 baht! While it may sound little compared to other accredited international post-secondary institutions, it wasn’t easy pulling together.

Bangkok University International College student identification card

Continue reading

Samut Songkhram to Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat) roundtrip via motorbike: Enduring 1000 kilometers of central-northeastern Thailand

The Siamerican Wanderer has embarked on his longest and furthest motorbike venture yet; 6 hours on the motorbike covering over 400 kilometers through the kingdom’s breast up into the Korat Plateau, to one of Thailand’s largest cities, Nakorn Ratchisima, the gateway to Northeastern Thailand–on a personal challenge of endurance, spontaneity, and of course, leisure.

Continue reading