Gallery: Phuket FC vs Pluto Icecream FC friendly match

PHUKET: On Saturday, February 8, Phuket FC played their sixth friendly match of the 2014 Pre-season, against a local team comprising mostly expat footballers, many of whom were Italian nationals. The final score was 5-1 (2-0 after the first half). Scoring for Phuket FC was  Ney Fabiano (Brazil), Arthit Wisetsin, Yusuke Sato, Cristian Alex and Anon Yangkham, while Pluto Ice-cream FC’s only goal was scored by Thai footballer, Makkan “Dew” Dongdeng.

All photos are copyright Photo: © / Steven W. Layne. Fair use permitted with attribution.

Phuket’s First Adobe Brick Rocket Stove

Following is a video documenting Phuket Thailand’s first adobe brick rocket stove. Was really simple/quick make. Basically, you have a base layer, in which the middle brick should be slightly thinner (half thickness ideal) and you use to half bricks for first two layers (first layer uses four and a half bricks; second layer uses three and a half; third, fourth and any subsequent layers use four bricks)
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2014 Thai baht savings plans – 50, 75 and 100 THB

Happy New Year from the Siamerican; 2014 starts on a Wednesday, and shall end on a Wednesday, making this day the only of seven to occur 53 times this year.

Below is a savings plan for Thai baht for the 2014 year, targeting to save approximately 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 US$, respectively – options starting at 50, 75 and 100 baht initial investment, where in each new week, the payment sum increases by plan amount, i.e. 50, 75 or 100 baht, with final savings targets of 71,550 baht, 107,875 baht and 143,100 baht. respectively.

For 50 baht, example, on week one due date (Wednesday, Jan 1) save 50 baht, and Jan 8 100 baht; Jan 15 150 baht; Jan 22 200 baht; Jan 29 250 baht – making the total amount saved for the first month 750 baht (50+100+150+200+250). The amount saved in 1st month for 75 baht plan is 1125 (75+150+225+300+375) baht and 1,500 baht for 100 baht plan (100+200+300+400+500) etc.

For Open Office format, click here 2014 savings plan 50 75 and 100

For Excel format, click here 2014 savings plan 50 75 and 100

Dream: Stress of excess eating, working and worrying


I’m in an unknown south-north lining building, with my workplace in the middle-east part of the location, At his isolated computer on the middle-west part, the ‘almighty’ 1013 sorting out a minute yet aggregated management matter involving 44, the two are reviewing some email correspondence with a remote and mysterious “Charles” or “Sam” (can’t quite recall the name, only could gather that it was someone 1013 answered to)…I look over their shoulder, attempting to clarify the situation, if not reinstate my role/authority in the matter… , I’m interrupting and the person on the other end of the email – his words – “are of none of my concern”. The built-up rage and discontent are diverted back to a heated dialogue between 1013 and I… “why do we pay such an enormous amount of money?” “But I’m the lowest paid of my position ever…or at least (throws a mental dart, an educated guess) of the last six years…as far as I know”. distortion…scene change, approaching a busy yet withering multipurpose – occupied yet desolate nine (or so) storey building – lined in an east-west direction, I approach from the east or northeast , heading toward a small crowd of ingoing and outgoing workers at its base; amid…ahead of them, directing away appears to be 1313. Soon, the man’s face and identity instantly change to someone else, a new face – familiar yet unimportant. “1313 is upstairs,” he relays. Occupying an unstable elevator on the west end of the building, for the short ascension, I am joined by an unknown couple and a blurry patch of another persona or two. Stepping up to higher, safer panels on the outer edges, within the shaking lift, upon reaching the top, I stumble onto the crumbling top floor, but I do not fall far down as feared.

Recollection ends, awaken shortly thereafter.