October break images: roadtrip to Phuket

With the little Nokia 2260 300k pixel camera, the Siamerican Wanderer was able to snap a few images here and there, but not to the justice that such a trip deserves. Following are a few of those pics. Coming soon will be a link to more colorful pictures from the trip’s professional photographer, Steve after he gets the pics online soon


Pit stops were occasional for petrol, coffee, smokes, and grub




Early morning departures in Thailand are sure to see Alms begging




Another pit stop at sunset, gearing up for the rain clouds in the horizon




The SW with his son in Phuket






A friend in Phuket




Quite frequent were accident scenes–motorcycles, busses, trucks, and ambulances to clean up




 After days and nights on end of insominia and binging, it finally caught up with Steve the last day in Phuket





October break images: roadtrip to Phuket — 2 Comments

  1. The Universal Envoy wonders if this is the same Steve he worked with at Siam Computer and Language school back in 2002?

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