Nokia 2630: Mobile Phone Review


Several months ago, the SW purchased the Nokia 2630 mobile phone for about 2500 baht (about 70 $USD) at Tesco Lotus, On Nut branch in Bangkok. To this delayed review date, the 2630 has proved to be a reliable and worthy purchase.


Among the established and leading mobile phone brands in Thailand (e.g. Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, etc.), the 2630 was one of the cheapest options in 2008 for a device that featured GPRS capability, web browsing, camera-video function, mp3 player-ring tones, voice recorder, FM radio, scientific calculator and bluetooth access. Going into 2009, the 2630 is still a key player in the cheap-yet good line up of full function mobiles.


Even if one isn’t requiring all such multimedia ‘extras,’ the 2630 is still a phone worth consideration for its superior compact size and weight. At 66 grams in weight, the 105 by 45 by 9.9 millimeter device packs a lot of punch in its mere 46 cc of volume. At such mini size and price, one couldn’t expect the quality of the camera and video recorder to be top-line, but definitely sufficient for the quick and convenient snaps and capturing; (VGA: 640×480 pixels; video 128 x 96)

Perhaps the only downfall of the phone is that it doesn’t feature a card slot for auxiliary memory cards limiting one to a meek 10 megabytes of internal memory.

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