Settling Back in Phuket, May 2011: Comfort and Dreams

Into the second week as a contributing editor for Phuket and Southern Thailand’s prime English language newspaper, I’ve already learned much as are my writing skills improving, particularly in regards to news composition–an art requiring one to be short, sweet, and to the point. Having composed and contributed to a handful of stories in the eight days on the job, time is proving pressuring, challenging and demanding, yet promising of insight enrichment.

On a personal note, I’ve finally moved into my own apartment in Kathu district on the west side of Phuket town.

The apartment I chose is comfortable and convenient for coordinating carpool to work. In a secluded five story building with enclosed communal swimming pool, I chose a corner room on the second floor. At 7,500 baht a month (at the time of writing, aproximately 250 $USD) the room is fully furnished with cable TV, air conditioner, fridge, hot water heater, a dish sink on the balcony and even once a week cleaning service. Utilities are separate at a rate of 5 baht (aprox. 17 cents) per electricity unit and 20 baht (67 cents) for water unit.

Able to move in with an initial deposit of only 12,000 baht (aprox. 400 $USD) I signed a three month lease. Perhaps I will stay longer, assuming I’ll pass my probationary period, or then even consider moving into a house somewhere, which will cost about the same amount here in Phuket town. I figure I ought to be comfortable for these initial months anyway, to ensure that I get well rested and perform optimally at work.

In closing this entry, I’d like to record some strange dreams I’ve had over the last month, still vivid within the visionary corners of mind. The first one occurred not long after arriving on Phuket. Probably a result from watching so much of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, I dreamt I was excavating ancient ruins somewhere in a Southeast Asian jungle. Unearthed in parts, I followed the traces down a hill on foot, where the ruins became even more exposed. Eventually I made it to the bottom where it became an entire facility or hidden lair, fore say, completely quiet and apparently unoccupied.

Then I came to a room, somewhat like a dentists’ office though the knifes there suggested it was some kind of operation room, like in a 1980s hacker movie scene. Upon the realization, I started booking it down a field. I was detected by some country folk nearby who started yelling at others to get me. Half knowing that it was a dream, I used my powers to fly over some canals, and forced myself to wake up.

The next dream worthy of mention was just last night. I was in an open field somewhere. And there was strange flying craft flying around above. While it seemed to be unidentified flying object, it had a loud motor sound like an earthly object from the 20th century. Though it did have light blue beams scanning the grounds. Not sure exactly who I was with, there were 3 – 4 others with me. Fear overcame me. And then, finally making it inside the house. The beings on the craft came down to earth. They looked like humans, resembling Scandinavians, they acted strange, exposing themselves without any shyness or awareness of being out of place. then when they came nearer to me and my group, I grabbed some wooden clubs, passing them around for protection. The beings left, only later to return again having abducted many worldly persons with them. Realizing that the beings weren’t initially aiming to harm me, I tried to make mends, approaching them, though now they didn’t want to bring me along with them and there other abductees.


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