Island View: Cannabis as a cure for cancer

The following opinion piece, conducted by the Siamerican, was initially published in the Island View column of the Phuket Gazette newspaper’s August 18-24, 2012 edition.

MY AUNT-IN-LAW’s cancer – initially thought cured – has returned with a vengeance, spreading to multiple vital organs at an ever-worrisome rate. When tests late last year first detected the cancer in her abdominal region, she was immediately transferred from Phuket to Haad Yai.

There she underwent radiation therapy, yielding a hopeful prognosis; the cancer was gone, so everyone thought. But late last month, when she was overcome by fatigue and migraines her doctor decided to immediately send her back to Haad Yai.

The cancer has now spread to her lungs and parts of her brain, and doctors don’t seem very confident that the current radiation sessions will be effective, let alone if her body will even survive such sustained radioactive trauma for a second time. Like many others, at first I was skeptical to learn that there is and has always been a natural cure for cancer.

This cure, I found out, is administered orally in the form of an oil extracted from one of the most popular yet controversially illegal flowering herbs. Unfortunately, the cannabis plant has been illegitimately criminalized throughout much of the world for the last eight decades.

What the Harvard Division of Experimental Medicine and others in the scientific community are just starting to openly concur as being an effective treatment and preventative line against cancer – not merely just pain relief – has in fact been used to cure and prevent all types of illnesses for thousands of years.

Sharing a bespoke physiological bond with humans, this herb is the only known source on the planet of special compounds called cannabinoids that, when introduced into the human endocannabinoid system (our body’s super regulatory system that maintains homeostasis in other systems), have the ability to terminate cancerous cells, while protecting and preserving healthy cells. Some say that even Jesus used this miracle oil to cure sick patients in his holy healing heyday.

Today, ongoing research and countless case studies continue to perpetuate newfound hope and relief for patients suffering from all types of cancers – skin, breast, prostate, lung and brain, among others. This is particularly benefiting patients in Israel, Canada and the US, where 18 states have re- egalized cannabis for medicinal applications.

Thailand, however, seems leagues away from such progress, and it doesn’t look like lawmakers here will be ready anytime soon to listen to scientists – there is clearly way too much business at stake. Meanwhile, the onslaught of expensive radiation therapy down in Haad Yai has a good chance of ameliorating my aunt-in-law’s suffering once and for all.


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  1. Update: The aunt-in-law mentioned in this post passed away in mid-February, 2013. In the end, due to the lack of legal access to the plant, not to mention the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the plant in Thailand, the aunt never was even offered the suggestion to consider the treatment by those closest to her, and instead put her full faith and fate in chemo and radiation therapy… RIP.

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