Good Morning Andaman radio show 2016 PSAs, jingles and soundbites

Below are some┬ámultimedia links to some jingles, including live interludes, PSAs and other sound bites I’ve written, recorded, and/or┬áproduced/co-produced in Feb/Mar 2016:

The following sound bite is a talk interlude from the March 17 show talking about jazz, and animal welfare event.


Good Morning in eight Asean languages, Radio jingle

(Guitar intro = Scorpions’ ‘Rhythm of Love’)


Radio interlude talk (No coffee or sugar required for this morning energy)

PSA: Don’t become a statistic (fast, aggressive driving sketch)

Starring Nared Django Layne, Steven Layne and Marque Rome. Effects = thunderstorm, car horns, Leader of the pack song

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