Gallery: Phuket International School U-13 Football Matches, 2018 September

PHUKET, THAILAND: Below is a photo gallery with highlights from several Under-13 football (soccer) matches between the island’s main international schools in September, 2018. The schools include Kajonkiet International School Phuket (the KISP ‘Hawks’ in blue kits); Headstart International School (the HS ‘Panthers’ in dark blue and yellow kits), British International School Phuket (the BISP ‘Tigers’ in dark blue, white and orange kits) United World College Thailand (UWCT in green and blue kits) and newcomers to the international school sporting scene, Berda Claude International School (BCIS in white shirt / blue short kits). Note the only other fully accredited international school in Phuket that is not represented in these matches, photos is QSI International. 


So as to not make any of the participating schools, athletes look bad by posting  results, I will just affirm that HeadStart remains unbeaten throughout the month of September, with KISP putting up good competition in second-running, beating all other schools except Headstart.  UWCT, BISP and BCIS have all played hard, and gained some valuable experience even though they are not quite to the level of the first two schools… The school teams will continue to hold tournament and friendly matches in the coming months in a concerted push to raise the level of athletics on Thailand’s largest island: Watch this space for updates.

Personal Disclaimer: Many of the pics below are of my own son, Django, who plays left wing/striker for KISP, noting I don’t work for any of the schools in any promotional capacity, but am posting as a proud parent. Nonetheless, I  did take pics of several other players to include here so that other parents may also have some mementos.

Copyright Disclaimer: Copyright © 2018-2019 Steven W. Layne / All rights reserved. All unauthorized, commercial use or adaptation of any of these photos is prohibited, with exception for parents/guardians of photo subjects, who are free to save, share and use the photo of their child for non-commercial purposes. If photos are used by parents or any of the schools mentioned in any publication/publicity format, full attribution is required. 

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