Farewell February, Welcome March: the peak of the fourth Lunar Month

The first waning moon will emerge tonight, rotating away just a few degrees from last night’s fifteenth and final waxing moon which brought the fourth lunar month’s full moon; reflective solar insight secondary capacity is resetting. You’ll recall the Chinese New Year falls on the New (No) Moon which kicks off the fourth lunar month (hence the changing solar date every year) that this entry has peaked in and begins recline.

Yet another peculiar solar coincidence of recent times is the first waning moon beginning the first day of March. Recall that the last day of 2009 was a full moon, seeing both January and February ending on full moons. So what does all this mean? Only time will tell.
In Thailand and other Buddhist observing countries, the full moon of the fourth month is Makha Bucha day, which regularly falls on the full moon of the third Thai-Brahmin calendar, except in the years like this which have thirteen moons-lunar months. See this explanation about the reason and celebration of Makha Bucha.

All these years in the country have jaded me much to be bothered with embarking on a  journey to partake in such traditions, particularly since I have no one to share it with at the time being. Perhaps even more and especially due to the continued threat of political turmoil which threaten the well being of potential pedestrians e.g. random bombs going off around town, my long weekend could be summarized as one of those ‘H’ weekends, as in hedonistic happenings of a hermit hiding in the hole of home.

Relieved to have completed midterm examinations for my four classes in the second to last term at University, my immediate concerns are trying to harness the harmony and find the focus as to maintain, upgrade, and update web projects and overall internal organization and peace of mind, anticipating and occupied with the present and future of professional and financial obligations, prospects, and quotas. The teaching job I’ve been fortunate to have had the past year’s contract is due to expire towards the second half of March—dictating it time to begin exploring and pursuing channels for the next source of material and ultimately, spiritual existence .

For the past three months, I’d been living with a Pakistani roommate, a friend I knew through a friend at University. He was a Marketing student and finishing his delayed completion of a B.B.A.. In order to expediate an already overtimed stay of study, he had taken his final required course at a different University which offered it sooner than our Uni would.

Last Tuesday, he went to take his final exam, and all I can say is something unexpected went wrong leaving me without a roommate for about a week already. I’m not sure if/when I’ll be permitted to talk to/see him again, but I should be in contact with the guy’s older brother soon I suppose.

Clearly at a new phase of the year, it’s precisely time to contemplate the move to a smaller and cheaper room. I’ve looked at a few options I will pursue in the next week, and though I’ll downgrade my view, I’ll also downgrade my expenses, and get a fresh perspective, evading the demons that linger in proximity to room 1113.  Stay tuned.

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