Extraordinary Within the Ordinary (Gallery China)

Time flies by, as is the nature of anything in this universe with high intrinsic worth… Flying by in a flash – so was a humming-bird-like insect that flashed before my camera lense the other day, fluttering about the golden-indigo display of daisies within the compounds of central Beijing’s Temple of Heaven (Tiantan). Perhaps  just an elegantly-evolved moth (any etymologists out there, do enlighten me), it seized my attention away from the bees, oblivious to my telescopic window extending for a closer peak at the nectar feast…

Hesitating to raise the camera’s shutterspeed and ISO to ideal settings, I managed only to get an out-of-focus snap of the insect, just before it disappeared into the floral abyss of bliss. But all was not at loss for the snap effort, as I now relay to you, dear reader, the acquired wisdom at the end of this literary labyrinth’s effort of enticement:

Pay close attention, and you just might get an opportunity to observe, if not appreciate the extraordinary – hidden in plain sight amid the everyday ordinary. Indeed, young  grasshopper, absorb your world with a balanced mix of patience, passiveness and preparedness, for you may only be granted a brief shot to capture such moments of heavenly beauty, which will be gone faster than they came…

Back to plain English in my ordinary, everyday life.

I’ve been busy – with my family, career, projects et el. It’s been 16 months since I last travelled internationally, and here I am once again with that rare blog post update from abroad. I started writing this from Gate E19 at Beijing Capital Airport, but had to pause as they announced boarding for my flight to South Korea.

I just completed 12 days of my first-ever trip to mainland China. I was there on a Study Tour, visiting vegetable seed production and operation sites. My delegation of seed company managers visited private and government sites in Shanghai, Shouguang, Xingtai, Lanfang and Beijing… You can see photos and details here, and here, and I’ll be preparing a more comprehensive report for Asian Seed & Planting Material magazine…

Now I polish this update from my 12m2 sleeping box for the night in the heart of Seoul. Just one night here, then I’m bound for the southwest part of the country to attend and cover the second Korea Seed Expo. The waning temperatures around the 30-35th parallels this month have keep my blood and body motivated, and all for the better. I’ve been on the move since the end of September, and still have a lot on my plate in the coming month – more travel and loads of reports and tasks piling up. Suffice to say I’ll likely be too busy to give a proper update here again for some time. So, until my words can tickle your eyes again, enjoy some personal snaps of some extraordinarily ordinary scenes taken in China’s two premiere urban centers – Beijing and Shanghai.

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