Escaping Viciousness: Dreaming in Phuket

Crossing the bridge into Phuket as scattered teasing sunrise rays glistened across the narrow waterway separating Thailand’s second largest-most populated island from the mainland at Phanga province, I felt something of a relief .

To know that the twelve hours on aboard the freezing second class bus would soon be through, and to finally escape the eleven weeks of suffocation in Bangkok since my accident brought a rush of joy through my veins to contrast with the usual and constant neurological pain surges that accompany this severe nerve injury.

Knowing that in a few weeks I’ll have to return to the boring box amidst the bubble of a bustle, a much needed recharge was timely due approaching my son’s third birthday, just shy of Thai new years holiday next week. For once, I have no reason to feel guilty skipping a few weeks of classes.

While reports have Phuket under lots of rain and drizzle over the past month, my arrival saw an uninhibited sun rise accompanied with the chirping of birds and the much needed humid whiff of tropical photosynthesis.

My son continues to amaze me with his physical and mental advances, now a healthy and fluent (at least in Thai) toddler constantly seizing attention with clever and silly phrases—for you certainly don’t want to be a naughty boy, cause then you’ll have to go visit the doctor and get a shot.

While the source seems to be one of the many silly things guardians might say to keep the little ones in check, I certainly can verify the actuality, having had to regretfully visit the hospital after doing that which I shouldn’t have…

After restless and painful travels, I was ready to sleep deep, joining my son for the midday nap. Rains would ultimately come, fueling my dreams into the weird. My latest strange dream deserves mention while it still occupies memory cells.

Running downhill as fast as I could, I was being chased. Similar to the panther chase scene in Apocalypto, there were two beings tailing me. The closer one was human suggested by his grasping of a sword, gun or something. The latter one was a large bear—fierce as a mother grizzly, hungry and roaring.

The steep hill ultimately descended into the vast sea, where I dove head in, immersing myself into the purifying and refreshing ocean. Soon, my human pursuer came to the sea and while jumping in was mangled by the bear, mostly under water I presume, for at that point, I was viewing from outside the water, safely.

As far as trying to decipher meaning, the parts of the dream may well symbolize reality. This accident behind me is chasing me, my ill will as my pursuers—a severe injury that wants to take me under wholely, and so I’ve had to run for my life. Perhaps the fortune of caring friends and family around me represent the downhill acceleration, a headstart towards the vast sanctity of the ocean.

The grizzly bear, with her salivating teeth even more vicious than the first pursuer turns out to be my savior. And perhaps, it is the viciousness or severity of my accident that has come to save my life from itself. Stay tuned…