Eighties Flashback: NKOTB Please Don’t Go Girl Streaming Song Video

With their comeback last year, the New Kids On the Block showed the world that they still knew how to draw crowds of screaming girls. Even so, the thirty-something boys back on the block will never be able to match the teeny zeal appeal they had two decades ago–which pioneered the way for Vanilla Pop Boy Bands into the nineties and second millennium. Without speculating too much the future success of these old boys, let us reminisce with a lovely ballad that initially helped launch NKOTB into the limelight back in 1988. With the help of Youtube IT time machine, matured generations can be beamed back to their youth, newer generations discovering a reverse to retro all the while, pumped by the featured tune “Please Don’t Go Girl” While this song’s lyrics are nothing spectacular from any other “Love You’ bubblegum pop ballad of the time, some of the falsetto descendo melody are moving enough to reckon with— particularly on the verse ‘..I guess I always will…’ and ‘…always love you…’ Without further delay, Enjoy!