Dreams of Naga and Tragic Hyper Flight

With the end of Buddhist Lent marked by yesterday’s full moon, the sacred Naga serpent’s fireballs came firing from within the mighty Mekong river all along the Thai-Laos border—or so last night’s evening news reported to me prior to bedtime in this cozy Bangkok confines.

Knowing how active my brain’s been firing on all these nerve stimulating supplements I’ve been on, along with a full stomach of spicy beef dish dinner, it was no wonder Mr. Sandman came painting more surreal scenes amid my subconscious neurological canvas.

The good news dream world has brought this last week is major recovery of my arm—lifting, curling, climbing and swimming–while only dreams for now, I take it as a good sign to look forward to.

While not all clear cut clean signs as dreams tend to be, some details still leave me baffled. In Z land the other night for example, after realizing I could curl my arm, I decided to rush up a tree. While climbing, I was bitten on my bum by an unforeseen squirrel. Perhaps, it was suggesting me to pay attention, looking out for ‘small critters’ on my climb up i.e. this recovery process. Now if I could only identify what the critter might be in reality.

And then back to last night, after a fresh swim, I found myself running on overgrown jungle path somewhere in Northeast Thailand as implied by the close proximity to an ancient Khmer temple off yonder. Trailing behind me was some unrecognized person. There was a small snake spotted from the corner of my eye in the overgrowth–nothing to worry about, though warning my mysterious companion–then around the bend into some abandoned shelter alongside a flooded canal I look up into the sky.

Behold, a large Naga Serpent appeared, disappeared, appeared, and then disappeared again in the sky, as if it was some kind of hyper-realistic flying machine. Is it real or human-made? Even if it was human-made, it was certainly a spectacle. Struggling to gain balance in the small wooden boat I stepped in, I missed my photo opportunity.

Suddenly, flying objects appeared everywhere in the sky, as if it was some futuristic flying recreation park. Simple yet swift flying sleds, parachute trolley hybrids dangerously looped and scooped circles in the heavens, until one larger, train resembling vessel, unable to complete its loop, upside down, engine dying came crashing down into the large lake shore.

Tragedy before my eyes! Dead, injured, screams by the hundreds. Hesitantly rushing over to the crowd to assist, I found myself part of a human tug chain, trying to free something from the wreckage…Awake.

Perhaps unrelated yet peculiar, immediately in reality morning news, Indonesians cried over dead family members which perished in the latest Sumatran quake, and even more eerie, later today, learning of a train wreck in Hua Hin in which hundreds were injured and at least eight dead at about 4.45 am, exactly about the time before I awoke.

Inconspicuous coincidence or something to be regarded remarkably related?


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  1. I am amazed at what the creative mind can think of when the logical/rational part of the brain is at rest.

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