Good Morning Andaman radio show script: 2013 May 20

Following is the script used for the Good Morning Andaman radio show on Monday, May 20, 2013. The show, sponsored by Radio Thailand under contract with the Public Relations Department of the Royal Thai Government, aired live from 8-9am Thailand … Continue reading

Excited about new phone tablet or Phablet: 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Grand

I’m pretty excited about this brand new mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand five inch “phablet” , which I bought yesterday. Well, technically I didn’t buy it with cash, for say, but rather through my credit line. The phone was priced … Continue reading

Dream: Breathing submerged in water

Following is a description of a dream that the Siamerican had last night/early morning (March 1-2, 2013), followed by his own self-interpretation of the dream. There was an infant baby, presumably my own, who was being held under water. At … Continue reading

The end of 2012: The serpent of 2013 sneaks up

It’s the final day of the Common Era’s 2,012th year. The roar of the passing year’s dragon has been loud, but now her time is nigh. While my comrades in Thailand are already welcoming 2013 – the year of the … Continue reading

Opinion: saying Goodbye to Phuket, for now

The following opinion piece was initially composed and intended to be published in the “Island View” opinion column of the Phuket Gazette weekly newspaper. However, the editor who oversees content and layout for that page decided not to publish it because the … Continue reading

Vlog: Ghost Widow and Country Confucius

Following is a brief Video Log (Vlog) where the Siamerican addresses a ‘Ghost Widow’ regarding a vague yet vivid vision he experienced sometime between deep sleep and early waking hours — or perhaps just a figment of the Siamerican’s imagination. … Continue reading

Island View: Bundle ’em up, return to sender

The following opinion piece, conducted by the Siamerican, was initially published in the Island View column of the Phuket Gazette newspaper’s July 30-Aug 5, 2011 edition. “HOW dare those conniving migrant workers steal our rights, identities and jobs – they need … Continue reading

Vlog: welcome the serpent of 2012; farewell 2011’s rapid rabbit

Following is the Siamerican’s latest video log (vlog) to welcome the new year of 2012, the year of the Dragon, or serpent snake. In this vlog he talks about about reviews the year 2011 — the year of the rabbit … Continue reading

A Decade Goes By in Thailand: Asaha Bucha and Buddhist Lent Weekend

This weekend’s full moon — the 15th waxing and first waning moon of the eighth Thai lunar month — วันเพ็นขื้น ๑๕ ค่ำ และ แรมหนึ่ง ค่ำ เดอน แปด — marks the traditional Thai Buddhist holidays of Asarnahabucha วันอาสาฬหบุชา and the start … Continue reading