Vlog: welcome the serpent of 2012; farewell 2011′s rapid rabbit

Following is the Siamerican’s latest video log (vlog) to welcome the new year of 2012, the year of the Dragon, or serpent snake. In this vlog he talks about about reviews the year 2011 — the year of the rabbit … Continue reading

Turning back 10 rainy seasons ago in Thailand

Outside the modern comfort of apartment life, the downpours sweeping through Phuket become more frequent and  increasingly heavier. This  final week of July, 2011 C.E. / 2554 B.E. has marked the start of another rainy season, which soon signals the Siamerican’s … Continue reading

US Textual-Visual Update: Winter Weather Resettling

The following update shall include recapping, reflecting and observations abut the third day back home, in addition to photo gallery following the text; … Continue reading

2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings

The final day of 2010 C.E. / 2553 B.E. has arrived; I’ve been pushing this grand update to the bottom of the bulging mountain pile of ‘things to do before the year’s end,’ and as the year is due to … Continue reading

So Long September 2010

It’s been seven waning moons since it was full last. Now represents the Thai lunar calendar’s tenth month proceeding some two thousand five hundred and fifty three years since the time of the Buddha, or by conventional calendars, , the … Continue reading

Mid July Update, 2010

It has been a while since I’ve had an update here; Been so busy adapting to this new phase on the north flanks of Bangkok Metro that I’ve neglected my personal digital dissemination to the world. Coming on two months … Continue reading

Thailand Political Civil Crisis Emergency Decree Mandatory Holiday

Here in Rangsit, Pathumthani apartment, having been given the rest of the week off due to National Emergency Decree, only half way through the first week teaching of the new School term, I’m left in solitude with just my thoughts … Continue reading