Marching on in 2018: Podcast Confessions

In this monologue stream: New Love Confessions Vanlife and land starts in Prachuap Dream of chocolate cake with Sophia Past few weeks – Phuket & Bkk – Seeing the stars, trash and beach bitches  Next few weeks… Tune in now: … Continue reading

Dream: Breathing submerged in water

Following is a description of a dream that the Siamerican had last night/early morning (March 1-2, 2013), followed by his own self-interpretation of the dream. There was an infant baby, presumably my own, who was being held under water. At … Continue reading

Turning back 10 rainy seasons ago in Thailand

Outside the modern comfort of apartment life, the downpours sweeping through Phuket become more frequent and  increasingly heavier. This  final week of July, 2011 C.E. / 2554 B.E. has marked the start of another rainy season, which soon signals the Siamerican’s … Continue reading

A Decade Goes By in Thailand: Asaha Bucha and Buddhist Lent Weekend

This weekend’s full moon — the 15th waxing and first waning moon of the eighth Thai lunar month — วันเพ็นขื้น ๑๕ ค่ำ และ แรมหนึ่ง ค่ำ เดอน แปด — marks the traditional Thai Buddhist holidays of Asarnahabucha วันอาสาฬหบุชา and the start … Continue reading

Settling Back in Phuket, May 2011: Comfort and Dreams

Into the second week as a contributing editor for Phuket and Southern Thailand’s prime English language newspaper, I’ve already learned much as are my writing skills improving, particularly in regards to news composition–an art requiring one to be short, sweet, … Continue reading