Good Morning Andaman Radios Show Script: 2013 May 31

Following is the script used for the Good Morning Andaman radio show on Friday, May 31, 2013. The show, sponsored by Radio Thailand under contract with the Public Relations Department of the Royal Thai Government, aired live from 8-9am Thailand … Continue reading

Turning back 10 rainy seasons ago in Thailand

Outside the modern comfort of apartment life, the downpours sweeping through Phuket become more frequent and ¬†increasingly heavier. This ¬†final week of July,¬†2011 C.E. / 2554 B.E. has marked the start of another rainy season, which soon signals the Siamerican’s … Continue reading

A Journey through the darkside: Bangkok Wednesday Walk

On the first Wednesday of the year, it was getting late. Midnight hour in the near distance, emptying the fourth pint of the golden bitter home brew, I was beginning to feel tipsy. As fluxing international circles of social oblivion … Continue reading

English Teamwork Camp in Saraburi Province: The Sandbox Team @ Muaklek Paradise Resort

Exactly one week prior to the publishing of this entry, Sunday, November 2nd, 2008, the Siamerican Wanderer had departed Bangkok to settle at Muak-lek Paradise Resort in Saraburi province, central Thailand for a five night, five day draining yet fulfilling … Continue reading

Bros Over Hoes…Social Dynamics for conscious citizens; Bangkok international party

The capital of Thailand is is an arena for some of the most diverse and international crowds that the Siamerican has witnessed. One of the top benefits studying at an institute such as Bangkok University International College is the global … Continue reading

Bangkok Blues: Summer Break Work Overload and 90’s Nostalgia

For most students, the finishing of exams signaled a transition into a rest, relax, and recovery mode. For the Siamerican, it meant it was time to allocate and focus all his time and energy on the real world of work, … Continue reading

Bangkok to Cha-cherng Sao trip: Misfortunes, Sightseeing and Socializing

Yesterday, Sunday morning at about 10.00 a.m., the Siamerican Wanderer departed his Bangkok apartment, bound for Cha-cherng Sao province, about 70 kilometers east of Bangkok. Some friends at Uni had planned a Sunday trip to check out some local attractions, … Continue reading

Time travel dreaming: Vivid and Lucid dreams of future visitors

Perhaps it was the large sized pizza of yesterday afternoon and bacon cheeseburger of last night that prompted this early morning’s lucid dreams. Earlier in the day, Terminator 2: Judgement day was on Star movies as well–undoubtedly having its own … Continue reading