Thai country song video and lyrics: Scented-skin mama (แม่เนื้อหอม)

Today’s featured Thai song is a lovely poetic-pop-country ballad called “Mae Neua Hom” แม่เนื้อหอม, which roughly translates to “Scented-skin mama”. The song was written by Ajarn Paen Punsalee (อ. แผน พันธ์สาลี). Scroll down for full lyrics in Thai, accompanied with … Continue reading

Good Morning Andaman 2013 June 21 radio show

Good Morning Andaman show line up for Friday, June 21, 2013 ! Here’s what to look forward to! 1. June 17, Friday this time… what’s special about today 2. Lunar… day of the 13th Waxing of the Thai lunar calendar’s … Continue reading

Good Morning Andaman Radios Show Script: 2013 May 31

Following is the script used for the Good Morning Andaman radio show on Friday, May 31, 2013. The show, sponsored by Radio Thailand under contract with the Public Relations Department of the Royal Thai Government, aired live from 8-9am Thailand … Continue reading

Arai Gor Dai: Thai country song video and lyrics

Following is a translation and interpretation of  a lovely Thai country ballad, complete with video, lyrics and translation, by an artist Sitthipong whose nickname is ‘Ton’ pronounced ‘Dtone’. In Thai ต้น สิทธิพงษ์ The singing style is very peculiar, featuring contemporary Thai country … Continue reading

Fleeing White Owls: A dream

The following poem is a composition by Jao Moragoat to aesthetically access a dream he experienced last night. Subtle meanings leaked from the subconscious mind? Perhaps. Sometimes poetry is an effective and useful tool for expressing and describing the eerie and … Continue reading

Thai Music Video Lyrics: Whom Your Heart Hugs by Neo X

The featured Thai song of this entry is called ‘Jai Ter Gort Krai?’ ใจเธอกอดใคร by the band, Neo-X. The 2004 pop rock hit title literally means ‘Who is your heart hugging?,’ conveying feeling and meaning suitably common in ‘rebound’ relationships. … Continue reading