Excited about new phone tablet or Phablet: 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Grand

I’m pretty excited about this brand new mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand five inch “phablet” , which I bought yesterday. Well, technically I didn’t buy it with cash, for say, but rather through my credit line. The phone was priced … Continue reading

Three stage water filtration for drinking water in Thailand

Following is a Siamerican Video Blog (Vlog) that was conducted on Saturday, November 5, 2011 in Phuket Thailand. Amid central Thailand’s worst flood in centuries, consumer good shortages have risen along with the water levels. Of the shortages, particularly and … Continue reading

IT Woes – Burning Daylight with PHP, MySQL and WordPress upgrades on 1and1 servers

Finally, the Siamerican has been restored to its original state following  a bunch of IT shinanagans which inflicted the Siamerican’s webhosting webspace last week. It all started last week with another website the Siamerican owns … Continue reading

Second week observations back in America

If not merely thrown off by the alien and difficult-if-not-impossible-to-define status-quo defining the ever-evolving American lifestyle, perhaps even greater threat to a harmonious re-assimilation was/is the dire condition experienced by thousands if not millions of inter-country commuters known as ‘Thailand … Continue reading