Good Morning Andaman radio script: 2013 June 17

Good morning, it’s Monday, June 17, 2013 ! Just past the hour of 8am here in Phuket, Thailand… Traffic…rain, yep yep coming up with the weather report in just a bit… interesting show – it may be Monday, but I … Continue reading

Good Morning Andaman radio show script: 2013 June 14

Below is the script for the Good Morning Andaman radio show on Friday, June 15, 2013. Intro: Itinerary Hello…Traffic Report… Windup 1. Nasty Weather on the cards… 2. Thailand making a lot of beach, island and travel lists…Phuket and Andaman … Continue reading

Impermanence, an original song about anti-materialism sentiments

Following is an original composition called “Impermanence” by Jao Thep Soulawynne, aka Jao Moragoat aka the Siamerican Wanderer. The latest cut of this song as you see /hear here is played on a tenor ukulele and reached its current state … Continue reading