Lunch in Mawdaung, village on the Myanmar side of the Thai border

After our higher-perspective at Khao Chong Krachok hill in Prachuap Khiri Khan city, we set our bearings southwest, to the Thailand-Myanmar border checkpoint of Singkhon, a small border crossing, also known as the Singkhon Pass (Daan Singkorn ด่านสิงขร in Thai) A strategic and … Continue reading

Embracing ‘Thainess’ in the 21st century

An increasingly common cultural and tourism PR buzzword echoing across the kingdom these days is ‘Thainess’ (in Thai, “kwam bpen Thai” ความเป็นไทย) – an abstract concept referring to the various unique characteristics that define the Thai people and their rich … Continue reading

Dummy CCTV and Traffic cameras: Thai American bilingual vlog

Following is a Video Log (Vlog) by the Siamerican, AKA Jao Thep Soulawynne made on October 8, 2011 in Phuket Thailand. American English and Thai language talking about Bangkok’s CCTV dummy camera scandal and the plan to implement traffic cameras … Continue reading

The Thai healthcare tradeoff: Scheduling an EMG at Thai hospitals

Lying in bed waiting for the 10 minute snooze delay to re-remind me of the days plans, few birds chirp above the rare, quiet and dark Bangkok neighborhood outside. Finally committing to follow through, I maneuver out of bed and … Continue reading

Brachial Plexus Injury Update: Memories, Regrets, Prognosis & Recovery Prospects

It’s been one month since the start of my new life. An entire moon after my accident, I mope in sorrow, soaking in every painful breath– returning from a university mid term examination, a cloud of haunting regrets about that … Continue reading

The first and last moped accident: Brachial Plexus Injury

Family, Friends, Foes, and world at large, the following message from the SW outlines a major turning point in his 25th year I am writing you this message with my one good hand. My left arm-hand’s function was jeopardized in … Continue reading

Thailand Scenic Route Pictures: Highway Four through Phanga Province

This post contains several pictures taken in Phanga province, along highway 4 from Phanga city to Tup Put (Boot) district in southern Thailand. Images taken of Scenic Tropical Mountains using small Nokai camera phone.

Continue reading