Off-grid autonomy Phuket, Part 1: Water life

Last time, I outlined the benchmark of 80-90% electrical energy autonomy out here in the central backwoods of Thailand’s most populous island. Now, we will discuss the most essential and practical use of solar energy – water – highlighting various benchmarks and challenges in respect to … Continue reading

Good Morning Andaman radio show script: 2013 May 24

Following is the script used for the Good Morning Andaman radio show on Friday, May 24, 2013. The show, sponsored by Radio Thailand under contract with the Public Relations Department of the Royal Thai Government, aired live from 8-9am Thailand … Continue reading

Vlog: Ghost Widow and Country Confucius

Following is a brief Video Log (Vlog) where the Siamerican addresses a ‘Ghost Widow’ regarding a vague yet vivid vision he experienced sometime between deep sleep and early waking hours — or perhaps just a figment of the Siamerican’s imagination. … Continue reading

Impermanence, an original song about anti-materialism sentiments

Following is an original composition called “Impermanence” by Jao Thep Soulawynne, aka Jao Moragoat aka the Siamerican Wanderer. The latest cut of this song as you see /hear here is played on a tenor ukulele and reached its current state … Continue reading

Turning back 10 rainy seasons ago in Thailand

Outside the modern comfort of apartment life, the downpours sweeping through Phuket become more frequent and  increasingly heavier. This  final week of July, 2011 C.E. / 2554 B.E. has marked the start of another rainy season, which soon signals the Siamerican’s … Continue reading

Fleeing White Owls: A dream

The following poem is a composition by Jao Moragoat to aesthetically access a dream he experienced last night. Subtle meanings leaked from the subconscious mind? Perhaps. Sometimes poetry is an effective and useful tool for expressing and describing the eerie and … Continue reading