Marching on in 2018: Podcast Confessions

In this monologue stream: New Love Confessions Vanlife and land starts in Prachuap Dream of chocolate cake with Sophia Past few weeks – Phuket & Bkk – Seeing the stars, trash and beach bitches  Next few weeks… Tune in now: … Continue reading

VLOG: Beatles cover & Thai and US stock trading learning curve

Below is a Video Log (vlog) update, starting with a (bad) cover of The Beatles’ “I should’ve known better’ (chords for the song can be found here)… This is followed by a brief update about my steep learning curve with trading on … Continue reading

The last day of 2009 brings its full moon

Alas, 2009 Wanes into its final day. As life and time march on, this cyber archive among others collects virtual dust, yearning for its shepherd to grant refreshing in freshness. Outside my window, the moon shines big & bright over … Continue reading

Thai Music Video Lyrics: Whom Your Heart Hugs by Neo X

The featured Thai song of this entry is called ‘Jai Ter Gort Krai?’ ใจเธอกอดใคร by the band, Neo-X. The 2004 pop rock hit title literally means ‘Who is your heart hugging?,’ conveying feeling and meaning suitably common in ‘rebound’ relationships. … Continue reading

Thai Music Video Song Lyrics: Labanoon Missing You

The featured Thai song of this entry is called ‘Fawk kwam kid tueng’ ฝากความคิดถึง by the three man band from Southern Thailand, Labanoon. For those of you who don’t read or understand Thai language, you’re probably wondering who the Fawk … Continue reading