30 years strong and still going long…

PHUKET: Aside from radio show teasers/scripts, there hasn’t been much personal updates in this space lately.. in short, personal life has been consumed by professional life, though I guess that’s a good thing, right? … Continue reading

Vlog: welcome the serpent of 2012; farewell 2011′s rapid rabbit

Following is the Siamerican’s latest video log (vlog) to welcome the new year of 2012, the year of the Dragon, or serpent snake. In this vlog he talks about about reviews the year 2011 — the year of the rabbit … Continue reading

Vlog September 11, 2011: updates about Phuket, soccer, Thailand

Below is a Video Log update — posted via youtube — talking about life working for a newspaper in Phuket, Thailand over the past five months. A thirteen minute clip which goes into a digression explaining the Thai Premier League … Continue reading

Turning back 10 rainy seasons ago in Thailand

Outside the modern comfort of apartment life, the downpours sweeping through Phuket become more frequent and  increasingly heavier. This  final week of July, 2011 C.E. / 2554 B.E. has marked the start of another rainy season, which soon signals the Siamerican’s … Continue reading

July 3 Election Posters seen in Phuket

Now that election day in Thailand has finally passed, the Siamerican can comfortably post pictures of some of the election posters with party slogans and policies seen pinned up around Phuket over the last month plus. Hesitant to post them … Continue reading

US Textual-Visual Update: Winter Weather Resettling

The following update shall include recapping, reflecting and observations abut the third day back home, in addition to photo gallery following the text; … Continue reading

Back to America: 2011 Stateside Prospects

Some minutes after 7.00 this Friday morning, the 11th of February, Delta flight 296 touched down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) bringing the Siamerican back to his birth country after some seven years away. In brief reflection and summary, the … Continue reading

2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings

The final day of 2010 C.E. / 2553 B.E. has arrived; I’ve been pushing this grand update to the bottom of the bulging mountain pile of ‘things to do before the year’s end,’ and as the year is due to … Continue reading