Thailand Challenges Podcast: Elitism and Ubiquitous Educational Opportunities

A discussion lead from a Thailand parent’s point of view about elitism education systems and acquiring “opportunities” in Thailand, whether at private or public schools. Download the podcast here. Below is the discussion outline points. … Continue reading

Island View: Instilling Home Team Spirit and Pride in Thai Son

The following opinion piece, conducted by the Siamerican, was initially published in the Island View column of the Phuket Gazette newspaper’s  June 30-July 6, 2012 edition. I BECAME elated with pride when my six-year-old son, who was born in Thailand, recently told … Continue reading

US Textual-Visual Update: Winter Weather Resettling

The following update shall include recapping, reflecting and observations abut the third day back home, in addition to photo gallery following the text; … Continue reading

2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings

The final day of 2010 C.E. / 2553 B.E. has arrived; I’ve been pushing this grand update to the bottom of the bulging mountain pile of ‘things to do before the year’s end,’ and as the year is due to … Continue reading

So Long September 2010

It’s been seven waning moons since it was full last. Now represents the Thai lunar calendar’s tenth month proceeding some two thousand five hundred and fifty three years since the time of the Buddha, or by conventional calendars, , the … Continue reading

Mid July Update, 2010

It has been a while since I’ve had an update here; Been so busy adapting to this new phase on the north flanks of Bangkok Metro that I’ve neglected my personal digital dissemination to the world. Coming on two months … Continue reading