2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings

The final day of 2010 C.E. / 2553 B.E. has arrived; I’ve been pushing this grand update to the bottom of the bulging mountain pile of ‘things to do before the year’s end,’ and as the year is due to … Continue reading

Mid July Update, 2010

It has been a while since I’ve had an update here; Been so busy adapting to this new phase on the north flanks of Bangkok Metro that I’ve neglected my personal digital dissemination to the world. Coming on two months … Continue reading

The last day of 2009 brings its full moon

Alas, 2009 Wanes into its final day. As life and time march on, this cyber archive among others collects virtual dust, yearning for its shepherd to grant refreshing in freshness. Outside my window, the moon shines big & bright over … Continue reading

One Month Post Operation Update: Recovery and Academic Break

Now counting one month since the big operation, the first term of Thai academic schedule has ended, coinciding with midterm break of the international college calendar; University studies scheduled to commence on Monday the 19th, queuing return to school for … Continue reading