Bros Over Hoes…Social Dynamics for conscious citizens; Bangkok international party

The capital of Thailand is is an arena for some of the most diverse and international crowds that the Siamerican has witnessed. One of the top benefits studying at an institute such as Bangkok University International College is the global collages that are consistently painted–not merely in the classroom, but even more particularly apparent in the post academic-work outlets of the moonlit city–where the curriculum for social cohesion is ambiguous, guided only by the stretches of enforced law and authority.

Last night, a few classmates organized the After-Shock Back to School party, four weeks into the semester, attracting students and professionals along with their hungry party limbs from all over the world to the 7th floor, poolside rooftop of a posh Ekamai condominium. 350 baht at the door entitled an open bar for several hours, starting at 9 pm–whiskey, sodas, plastic cups, and pre-post rolled smoking devices represented the catalysts for internationalization–a vague cloud for some, while a crafted skill and game for others.

DJs spun their digital devices, pumping life into the open air Krung-thep (Thai name of the capital) sky. As is the guideline for post-modern international peetry dishes, communication channels were backed up with an excess of colorful harmony and dischord. Not limited to Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Portugese, Hindi, Urdu, German, Swedish, Russian, French, and Finish, English was the lingua franca–a common platform for fevered socialization that at any given moment, had energized and self-conscious souls seated, on the dancefloor, in the pool, and wandering around groups and spaces amid the partially sheltered, open air 400+ square meter rooftop.

Every high key social event must have its waning moments when law dictates at the strike of 2, the crowd must scatter and bugger off to thier sleeping quarters or some other low-key spot for an after party. It is in these moments, that only the most  affluent will have a plan lined up, successfully gathering the momentum and resources to continue the synergy when enforced law no longer permits public festivities.

With this in mind, the Siamerican looked to be having a spontaneous night with an unpreditctable ending, exercising influence for an after-party with four Japanese girls, (three students and a Bangkok based tourism customer service rep) and at least two other American guys, his close Pakistani friend, and a Kiwi classmate. There were a few other random male faces trying to jump in on the pre-plans at the last minute, though in the end, the other two Americans found themselves packed in a taxi with the four Japanese girls all to themself with the agreement that the Siamerican and company would follow on the bike and another taxi.

As fate would have it, the Siamerican, the Paki, and Kiwi found themselves stood up in Northern Bangkok with no prospects at the last minute to join the ‘uncool’ post party, at least to the dismay of the actual party whose climax turned out to be McDonalds delivery.

Ultimately, it was the unharmonious actions, fueled by selfishness, distrust, and perhaps lust of some unmentioned individual(s) that ensured the after-party would not be complete with a balanced and potent dynamic that would have been guaranteed with the Siamerican’s participation. The Siamerican was thankful to have ended his excapade safely at home with no regrets.

In conlusion, no matter which angle you might view it, indeed, in situations of temptation and social dischord, it is the bros who stick together, and the hoes who lose out. While such a saying usually infers hoes as females, the usage here is in a broad sense inferring to anyone whose actions are motivated by selfishness and greed to the dismay of other people who may be blindly misguided or caught in the middle of others hidden agendas.  Likewise, the bros here, whether female or male, infers to those who maintain integrity and loyalty to their values and image, never even considering betrayal to their character and persona.

And now that the Siamerican has overly-consumed that potent social drug, the high has come down and it’s time to get back to the real world of priorities, business and future creation, limiting interactions to constructive and beneficial exchanges for a healthy and conscious existence. Peace be with all!


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  1. Sounds like the siamerican had a blast of night. Though towards the end of the article there seems to some signs of latent literary omerta lurking with in the siamerican. Be at peace.

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