Bangkok University Midterm Exams: the Siamerican’s top scores

Now deep into the second week back in Bangkok after a refreshing and eventful spring break, the Siamerican Wanderer settles down in his Bkk East side apartment-office studio, re adusting back to a productive psyche and mindset as loads of work–both real world and academia–pile up on his plate.

Before he pulls his hair out over long assignments, reports, and presentations accumulating rapidly in this second term’s half, foreseeing a period of blog neglection in the busy times a’ comin, there’s some good news to be reported here first–at least good news for he himself, anyway.

The Siamerican Wanderer has finally received all of his midterm scores and is quite satisfied with the results so much as to rub it in here. If you recall, the Siamerican’s GPA was/is 3.9 from the previous years gone by as a student at Bangkok University, and at the current pace, prospects to stay so high are looking good.

Though now there’s not much advantage, benefit, nor incentive to even keep it high considering he is disqualified from direct scholarship aide as a return transfer student. Nevertheless, it’s always been a good feeling to show off good grades and accomplishments in school since the days of young, but we won’t let the ego and nostalgia take over, in consideration for those who hadn’t applied themselves to such standard…back to topic.

Actually, there was no surprise to himself that he did well, and would have likely produced an outcry of some sort if he had failed or done average on any of them–which he didn’t; It’s quite reassuring yet again, to hear and see the results which segment himself at the upper tier of his class.

His two most difficult exams saw him with the highest scores of the entire class. Namely Statistics for Social Sciences where he shared the top seat with a girl from Myanmar with a 27 out of 30, surpassing all the dozens of other students–many repeat students who failed the class from previous semesters.

For Marketing Communication, he got the sole top score out of some 70 students, with a mere 62 out of 80–suggesting how difficult such a multiple choice trick question-filled exam actually was. Another class which he achieved top score was College Writing with a 49 out of 50! Critical reading’s score was some 96 out of 100, giving him second highest score (some Chinese girl apparently got 98!)

Marketing Communication and Modern Presentation Techniques had him with the third highest score in each class respectively, reserving his spot to an A as long as he’s consistent this second half. Out of all the many thousands of Bangkok University International College kids from all corners of the globe, the Siamerican Wanderer is gradually reestablishing his reputation as a clever mad man, profound confident, ever ‘takin care of business’; Or perhaps he’s just proved that he knows how to take traditional exams, and has utilized short term memory functions better than most of his class mates. What do you think?


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