Back to the South: Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket Summer break Road Trip

Initially, the Siamerican’s plan was to drive the Kawasaki 130 cc from Bangkok to Phuket, as he did back in March. The plans and logistics have slightly changed. Now he will haul the motorbike some 200 kilometers to Pattaya later on this morning. There, he will join his American comrade, ex Marine turned anthropologist, Klaus Kent who though has been in Thailand half a decade, has never stepped foot on Phuket island. As it is now the low end of tourism season and the beginning of surf season that side of the Isthmus, Klaus has finally decided to venture to the paradise that has never formerly appealed because its associations with tourism, greed and lavish expenses.

Together, they will drive some 1200 kilometers from Pattaya to Phuket in Klaus’s truck with the Siamerican’s ZX-130 in the back, departing Saturday, and likely arriving sometime Sunday.

As he has been tied up in work in his Bangkok studio the past two weeks since summer break began, the Siamerican has been patiently planning and waiting for the ideal time to make his departure from the monster of a Thai capital. And so it seems that this weekend is the time to do it.

He’s been aching to see his two year old son, and there are a few other errands to be had in Phuket, aside from the beautiful scenery and relaxation. Namely, he must transfer ownership of his paid for bike from the original dealer. And one of the main priorities is to pursue and train a few inlaw cousin recruits to be commercial-industrial database collectors for the national level project that has occupied the last few months’ attention.

And then there is the beach, surf, and sun in between the monsoons that will bring surf-able tides and waves to Phuket’s coasts… Time to get fit and firm–if not from the actual surfing, at least from the paddling out into the swell. Though relaxation will have to have its limits as the plate of work and business is ever full.

For the entire report complete with pictures, jump to the Thailand-USA Community Forum thread of the road trip.


Back to the South: Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket Summer break Road Trip — 4 Comments

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