Bangkok February drifting by into the year of the Rat: International Uni, water, laundry, and Filipinos

In Bangkok, time marches on–half a day ahead of North America. The last week was Chinese New Years celebrations, which was spent in Bangkok University classrooms and gym, as well as the Sukhumwit 62 pad, amidst Bangkok’s East central jungles.

Approaching is one final week of classes before midterms, which calls to be an important week to find out about the exam content, or more specifically, power point slides and book page numbers to be crammed in the hours approaching exam.

Yesterday, made the decision to buy a two level–active carbon and ceramic–water filter-purifier from Tesco Lotus for 990 baht. It was their cheapest one, but most worthy as it was the only one to include two free replacement filters at a circa 1000 baht value, despite there being a slight hold up and confusion at the register.

Water Filter-Purifier in Bangkok

The filter allows the Siamerican to confidentially drink tap water, and have cooking water supply as well. The outweighing factor leading up to purchase was the fact that intensive water runs down and up 5 stories of stairs would no longer be necessary.

Water Filter-Purifier in Bangkok

Water Filter-Purifier in Bangkok

While dealing with the university uniformed cashier and her unsure managers amidst all the confusion, the Siamerican ran into an old friend-colleague, Jason, a Filipino English and Music teacher, who was checking out with some groceries, particularly cases of beer.

The Siamerican and Jason had been aquainted from the days, years ago, teaching Saturday school at an international school, KAS @ Kesinee, which Jason still is employed to this day.

Jason invited Jao to his house later in the evening for a birthday dinner-drinking-social gathering celebrating both him and his wife, whose birthdays are both early February. The expected lineup of guests were were to be Thailand Filipino expats–mostly English teachers and musicians.

There were a a few Thais, i.e. girl friends of the band members and a few friendly neighbors who wondered in for a plate and chat. However, most of the evening would be filled with Tagalog and English, the national languages of the Philippines–for chit chat and jokes to paint a festive, laid back, and harmonious Sunday evening in the Thai capital.

The Siamerican got to express himself musically among the crowd in a few short jams and sing alongs both in Jason’s studio room–complete with electric drums, various guitars, bass, microphone, and digital 8 track machine–as well as karaoke on the big screen living room television…in between knocking down several beers and a scrumptious authentic Filipino meal including, noodles, curry-stews, vegetables and chicken galore.

Filipino hospitality and spirit proved to make a worthy impression, yet again. As everyone had to work first thing in the morning, the gathering’s synergy gradually faded down until 10-11 pm when everyone, including the Siamerican parted home.

Come Monday, the Siamerican did massive laundry and a little gardening aside from messing around with the blogs and hangin out with his friend, Jerm.

hand washing laundry in Bangkok

hand washing laundry in Bangkok

hand washing laundry in Bangkok

Perhaps this week, a business project regarding mushroom growing in Northeastern Thailand will break way, though there may be a few things to delay that, unfortunately.

Stay Tuned…


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