Arai Gor Dai: Thai country song video and lyrics

Following is a translation and interpretation of  a lovely Thai country ballad, complete with video, lyrics and translation, by an artist Sitthipong whose nickname is ‘Ton’ pronounced ‘Dtone’. In Thai ต้น สิทธิพงษ์

The singing style is very peculiar, featuring contemporary Thai country influenced by the Thai “Lee-Gey” classical theatrical singing style, which the singer no doubt has a background in.

Arai Gor Dai, the Thai song title and meaning is a common expression in the Thai Language.

It can be translated to be a passive form of “Whatever”, as in whatever will do, there’s no limit (to how much I’ll give to you) unconditionally, … a general expression of indifference — I’m not picky.

It is also similar to “anything and everything”

In terms of courting a mate or lover, the word ‘Pee’, พี่ in Thai is a title used do denote the first, second and third person denoting for a “senior” … in an interpersonal relationship,

“Pee” พี่ in this song is shortened from the full form “Pee Chai” พี่ชาย which is used by an older brother or generally an older male in an interpersonal relationship when talking to a junior, “Nong” น้อง be it a younger female, Nong Sao น้องสาว or male, Nong Chai น้องชาย.

From this point on, the word Pee will be shortened to P’: pronounced by saying the letter P with a exemplified falling tone…

In this song, this senior, is courting a younger female, who is denoted as “Nong”, which is shortened from “Nong Sao” : younger sister or younger female in an interpersonal relationship.

Obviously it could work the other way too i.e. P’ Sao can courts a Nong Chai. In Thai songs, they repeat the shortened sex title denotion to be more sex friendly, P’ and Nong’ so it’s not uncommon for females and males to do opposite sex remakes of songs.

Anyhow, below is the video, followed by a translation and interpretation of the lyrics, courtesy of the Siamerican Wanderer. Siamerican Soulawynne. Feel free to comment, contact and inquire with The Siamerican.


อะไรก็ได้ ถ้าน้องจะเป็นแฟนพี่
Arai Gor Dai …if Nong will be the lover of P’
What shall be good…if P’ gets Jai from Nong

Be it desserts or enveloped candy drops…
if belonging to Nong, P’ has only full heart

อะไรก็ได้ ถ้าน้องจะยกให้พี่
Arai Gor Dai, if Nong will enable P’
who says its no good, can [you] bring [them] to me

what’s left and [when] they’re at the end of attachment
P’ will be satisfied, the more getting Nong, the better.

[Nong’s] skin has darkened, having endured both the sun and wind
Doesn’t bathe in cured milk, [her] skin contests goddess pageants

ไม่ต่งไม่เติมเสริมตรงนั้นตรงนี้ ไม่ต้องทาสีพี่ก็ปรารถนา
no [need to] add or enhance here or there, no need to paint – P’ is wishing [for nong]

Meurai Gor Dai, when Nong will be the lover of P’
Whenever it will be, there’s no time limit…

Don’t let it be too long, till the price of love goes up
If Nong has mercy now, the more exceedingly good [it would be]

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