April Fools Dream

I was pleased to firmly grip the neck of the guitar. Music was pouring out from my fingers doing! What’s this, I can even form power chords at will–almost like normal. Though my wrist does seem something awkward…

And then snap, I awaken to be faced with reality. To my dismay, it was merely a dream, so vivid yet so real. What better day to fool myself than the first of April.

I have tried to pick up the guitar on a few occasions, however without any fine function yet possible, the most I can accomplish is hold the neck, painfully struggling to move fingers at will, to discrete avail at best.

Wo is I, yearning to make love to my fingers’ music again some day…


April Fools Dream — 1 Comment

  1. The Universal Envoy knows how much the Siamerican enjoys playing music and hopes the Siamerican will be playing again soon!

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