Born common era 1983 (2526 B.E.) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, the Siamerican Wanderer – formerly known as Jao Moragoat and from hereon to be referred to as SW – grew up in/around the Denver metropolitan area, raised with traditional American values by Caucasion dad (read English-Irish grandpa / German grandma from the Midwest), his nature reinforced with the spice of Asian custom from an American-naturalized Thai mother, who hailed from the “life’s source of generals” in Central Thailand.

A product of international romance, geo-political civil service, war and love, SW’s father is an HVAC / electrical systems technician, passionate automobile mechanic and retired Marine Reserves Warrant Officer, while his mother, who passed away untimely in 1996, was a seamstress who migrated to the US in 1971 through the sponsorship of her previous husband, an Army paratrooper stationed in Thailand who she met during the peak of the Vietnam war (Thailand was used as an allied base country by the Americans)

SW’s airforce and army officer grandpa was also in Vietnam during the war, and would ultimately play a role in SW’s existance, but interestingly not directly related to Thailand.

His gramps had lied about his age to join the military at only 15, which provided him with a window to escape poverty and responsibility to his mom and aunts in Indiana.

It was at the height of World War II, the dawn of the resistance to so called Comunism – the Korean War and ultimately Vietnam. And mind you, all this time, aparently the government was starting to secretely interact with other technologically advanced humanoid species…

Probably not the product of an alien proper, but a migrant version of one nonetheless, SW’s parents met in the late 1970s, in the US, when his newly-enlisted marine dad helped his mom relocate her seamstress shop in Colorado’s second largest metropolitan area.

SW is his parent’s second and final offspring.

His full sister and half-sister, whom he is close, live with their respective families in New Mexico. He also had, as he would come to learn as an adult, elder half-siblings in Thailand, both of who are now deceased.

While his Thai half-sister had apparently died long before he was even born, SW is grateful to have had the opportunity in 2002, to track down, meet and become closely acquainted with his half-brother, whose rough life finally caught up with him and died untimely in 2010.

Having persevered through his own ‘rocky phase’of adolescence that followed his mother’s passing, SW got a fresh shot at life when he was accepted into a unique, alternative, national-enrollment residential high school in Estes Park (see link below).

Over the next two and half years, there in the midst of the heavenly Rocky Mountain wilderness, SW underwent much personal growth and change, going on to foster a passion for the composition, audio, arts, music, and multimedia; developing a sense of community, social, and environmental duty and responsibility.

In short, he had discovered what was missing in his life, a new direction began to come in focus.

Through the school, he was granted a golden opportunity to venture to his late mother’s homeland, Thailand, for the first time in June and July of 2001, under a one-month teach-and-travel scholarship /cultural exchange program (Inside Thailand via Eagle Rock School)

During this initial life-changing trip, aside from gaining introductory experience in ESL teaching, and immersing himself in Thai culture, SW pursued and obtained key puzzle pieces in his roots/self-discovery quest, locating some of his surviving Thai relatives, whom he had only known about from childhood stories relayed by his mother.

SW returned to the US, but his quest was far from complete, his spiritual compass pointed back to the “motherland”.

Seven months later, as a legal adult with Colorado high school diploma in hand, SW resigned from his job as a cashier at a local bookstore, and used meager savings to purchase a one-way ticket back to Bangkok.

Travelling on an American passport, he established base in the heart of the Thai capital, and proceeded to fulfill his heart-and-soul’s yearning to locate and reunite with nearly all of his surviving Thai relatives, one by one, week by week.

Tracing back through antiquated photographs, hand-written letters and notes in Thai, and piecing together a whole bunch of other incomplete documents and vague clues left behind by his late mother, proved challenging and at times disheartening and hopeless.

After all, so much had changed in Thailand over the years since his mother had last been there, and lost communication with relatives.

But diligence, dedication, passion, and perseverance ultimately paid off, family mysteries solved, identity quest fulfilled.

Meanwhile, SW enrolled in a prestigious Communications degree program at the International College of Bangkok University, paying tuition and supporting himself as a full-time ESL teacher, instructing English conversation to toddlers, kids, teens, and adults at various public and private schools in Central Thailand.

All the while, SW continued to nurture his passion for writing, disseminating his experiences, ideas, and thoughts, initially via a group email correspondence list comprising friends, family, and people he had met on his journeys.

His accounts about is experiences as a volunteer in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami caught the attention of a few local media contacts and in early 2005, he was offered a job as a Features Reporter with The Nation Junior Magazine. Around the same time, he started his first blog: The Cyber Journal.

Read more about those years here.

That initial phase in the kingdom was officially permitted through visa extensions and renewals, stamped into his American passport, which stipulated multiple visa-runs to neighboring Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, SW compiled and collected vital evidence and slowly built a solid case to prove, via tedious verification procedures and scrutiny, including an expensive DNA test, with his Thai aunt, and extensive legalization of Thailand-USA vital records, his birth right to Thai national status.

Alas, the  process was finalized in April of 2007, and SW was issued his Thai national ID, before securing his Thai passport.

He has since returned to his homeland of the US of A several times to visit with family and maintain his residence/relations there, in Colorado and New Mexico, mostly, but also in Florida, where his paternal grandfather resides.

At present, SW’s primary residence and place of employment, as an editor/journalist is in Phuket, Southern Thailand.

Click here to read/view content from his professional portfolio.

Of all that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur, SW continues to strive to devote passion and penance to the wonderful gift of life, in memory of ancestors and honor of seed.

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  1. That's quite a life story! It's cool to see some keeping tabs on life in Phuket and blogging about it while skipping the tourist topics.

    I'm toying with the idea of hydroponics myself, though still lack the time, commitment – and let's be honest – the honest will to get really into that. Could be a fun project though.

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