A scenic drive and day off/out in central Thailand

Left the house just after 9 am to meet up with a senior teacher, Ms. Payongse at a petrol station near bye. Our appointment was for a Saturday drive up to Ratchaburi city , about 35 kilometers north of Samut Songkhram city along the Mae Klong river.

Previously, she had invited and recommended for me to drive along with her to Ratchaburi for a nice motorcycle drive though I had only called her on it this time–no particular destination or itinerary other than window shopping, traveling, exploring, going just for the ride, walk, and experience. In Thai we call this Bpai Tiaw (bai tee-ow ไปเทียว)

As the school term and my time teaching in Samut Songkhram is as good as finished with the term break arriving, I decided to ‘tiaw’ with the this 57 year unmarried, fruitless social teacher who has been so kind, caring, and generous to me since teaching at her school for three school terms (a year and a half).

However, I did have one itinerary in Ratchaburi. That was to give the four month routine servicing for my motorcycle, which had driven just over 2700 kilometers prior to its second routine servicing (The other being at one month which was done in Phuket) Ratchaburi was one of the closest Kawasaki motorcycle service representative.

The first part of the adventure this morning was the rejuvenating, thought invoking, peaceful drive through scenic lush green orchards along both banks of the fish and vegetation rich, Mae Klong river, coasting along smoothly paved black top, passing ancient and modern lavishly decorated temples, and of course, the rural Thai style traditional living amidst thistorical water vein canals that feed off of the mother Mae Klong artery. Serenity betook us.

A view of the Mae Klong river in central Thailand

Once we arrived in Ratchaburi, Ms. Payongse and I had a task to navigate to and locate the Kawaski service center, which took the better part of an hour. Asking various people, we were thrown all over the city going in a big circle untill we finally found Jedi-huck (Broken Stupa) road and made it to the first destination, just after 11 am.

A view over the mighty mae klong river in Central Thailand.

The servicing took the better part of the hour and by the time we got everything settled, we were feeling a bit hungry. Next, we headed over to Robinson and went to the food court, which I ordered Gayoza dumplings, and Kao Mung Gai Tort (Oily rice with chopped fried chicken) while Ms. Payongse had Guay Tiaw Rua (cooked pork blood noodle soup).

Drained from the sun, it seemed that Ms. Payongse was in a little rush to get back and show me some restaurant near the Mae Klong river on the route back. So we departed Ratchaburi and coasted the way we had come, stopping some 20 kilometers later around Bang Nok Kwak community, for a dish of Crab fried rice along a klong across Wat Jerern (Jerern Temple). Ms. Payongse wanted to feed the fish in this fishing forbidden holy area. And the fish are a plenty!

After, Lunch # 2, we walked around a riverside Saturday flea market to see what was on store–fruits, meats, clothes, vegetables, household items, tools, and of course VCDs. I bought some oranges and a few 40 baht vcds, while Ms. Payongse bought various vegetables and also a few vcds. Next we continued back through Ampawa district back on to the main Samut Songkhram – Bang Pae highway, stopping at the Wat Chong Lom (Chong Lom temple) flea market to see their vcd selection. Didn’t end up buying anything and decided to call it a day. I had to fill up my tank again and then drove back the rest of the way to town, where I split from Ms. Payongse.


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